Scented candles from a neural net trained on 1000 existing candles

The neural net is based on math, so it is infallible. This is the future.

@janellecshane Mmm...the sweet, slightly boozy scent of lemon lime decay.

@janellecshane The little story it generated at the end is the most precious thing in the article.

@janellecshane remember when these were potato chip flavours? good times.

@janellecshane i am sure half of these are candles in the local candle store....

@janellecshane Am I going mad or did I hear you on BBC radio talking to Tim Harford?

@janellecshane I like that show, I heard you while I was cooking dinner :) people listen!

@ak @janellecshane That's so cool, I love More or Less! Didn't know there was a new series but your episode is still available so going to have a listen today.


I confident I already know what Baggy Air and Friendly Wetsuit smell like.

@janellecshane I would definitely put a marshmallow chutney candle in my living room.

@janellecshane Ah, yes. Freshly Scrutinized Orange, the less-popular cousin of Annoying Orange.

@janellecshane "Imagine you’re sleeping in your room, surrounded by night. You forget you’re awake for at least 45 minutes, waiting for 100 percent of the sun to set. At night, you wake up to find yourself inside the matching sweatshirt and sweatshirt combo. Smell the warmth, feel it pour through your hair, smell the fragrant caffees — before warm fuzzies drop by the window. Air bubbles swirl your bedroom doors and make satisfying noise. Whoop!!"

It's watching me.

@janellecshane volcanoes comfort sounds really intriguing, would probably got me to stand and dawdle a long time in the store considering it even though i don't do scented candles really

@janellecshane I like the story and the other scents in the linked article to.

I want the Snowy Alberta Night candle to see if it smells like the real thing I've been living in for the last few months.

Also I'm curious about the Holstein scented candle but would be afraid to light it or even open the jar.

@janellecshane wetsuits are sexy. ergo, this neural net has accidentally solved human sexuality. qed

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