Here are some candy hearts written by the neural net GPT-2. It's one of the most powerful text-generating neural nets out there, but I don't think it really knows what is expected of a candy heart.

@janellecshane I need a very big bag of the "ALL HAIL THE CHICKEN" one to distribute all over the fucking place

@janellecshane well ... if I recall it looks like some you find under the hood at parties .... *·°


🎶 "When there's no one to praise,
And no more hell to be raised,
Whu-Oh-Ohhhhh..." 🎶

@janellecshane I got the mail today and the link to the bonus material gave me Christmas carols, not candy hearts!

@irina hmm! Can you test it again? I tried it just now and it seemed to work

@janellecshane Ooh! I want PENGUIN and THEMED HAIR and OCCULT IDEA.

@janellecshane More than half of those (perhaps almost all) would go in a bag I'd give my loved one.


> okay bro

This one can actually be contextual. For dude-on-dude couples that could mean "yes", for M/F that means "you're so friendzoned".

@janellecshane I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS would be a power move specifically on valentines day

@janellecshane oh man I remember your original post about this a while back. Glad to see this idea came back around as it was pretty great

@janellecshane I don't know. SOme3how I think getting "Wicked *eat a tree*" and "T-Rex" were made for each other.

Tag yourself, I'm "dancing on a loaf".

@janellecshane …I feel like, of the creatures I follow, there should be an easy obvious choice of at least one to @ with the BUTTOCK one

but I can't think of one

@janellecshane I'm looking at those and thinking that the sales of candy hearts would go up about 500%, possibly more, if those were the messages on them.

@janellecshane Au contraire. I think it knows better than most candymakers!

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