Does anyone have a favorite source for white noise/ambient noise (like rain, fireplace, waves)?

Huge thanks to everyone who recommended!

This is wizardry. I just TURNED UP THE RAIN.

it’s blocking the conversations happening mere feet away.

@janellecshane is fun and has tons of different recorded and simulated ambient sounds

@ranjit and you can change the sliders to make it rain harder? Wizardry!

@janellecshane i'll add to the chorus of fans. i've also got a list of noise generators here:

@janellecshane Joe Baker has recorded several MP3s that are available on Amazon and other locations. They used to be around $1 but not sure if that's still current.

@janellecshane There are numerous videos (or if you prefer: the audio track of videos) on YouTube dedicated to relaxing sounds.

I've sampled a few of those to good effect.

@janellecshane Since mynoise is already well repped, I'll also suggest doing a YouTube search for binaural. There's a wide variety of soundscapes and durations available.

Just installed noice from f-droid and had a pretty good experience with it

@janellecshane thank you for sharing this! I currently have housemate problems and not having to overhear all of their conversations is really helping with the anxiety.

@Kitts I'm so glad!

It's like suddenly having my own private space. I even find myself looking forward to work tomorrow so I can listen to the rain some more.

@janellecshane yeah, it's really nice. I'll probably also use it at work when I'm anxious and need to focus on something

@janellecshane while it's more repetitive than, and and has less choices I think, the app #Noice on #FDroid is also decent:

@janellecshane not into white noise but big into asmr. You can try Heather Feather on YouTube if you want to.

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