me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO


"The wretched world is run by ox and ass
The wretched world is run by ox and ass,
And in vain build I."

i can't hear this in any other voice than Nathan Explosion's.


The only thing keeping the goose from falling off the ground
Was the reins
Like strings of spaghetti
And if you could just cut it down
You could even make a bow
Like a bow and arrow
But if you wanted to make a bow you had to use a lot of power

@janellecshane It's about time someone told the truth about ox and ass.


This is almost a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum song, and I wish they could put it to music



@janellecshane (seriously though, it has the mindset of "the world is dark and horrible and broken, but there is an odd beauty in the strange spaces that creates")

@janellecshane i can't stop giggling imagining actual happy carollers singing "like ants, like ants"...

@janellecshane Janelle is here! Oh this is fantastic - I can absolutely leave Twitter now, this is one of the things I was most worried about missing!

@janellecshane out of interest - does the AI know about some of the "alternative" carols - like:

"While Shepherds washed their socks by night, all watching ITV, the Angel of the Lord came down and switched to BBC" ??

@asjmcguire indirectly, from scanning lots of the internet! But it wasn’t in the sweet of carols I gave it explicitly

@janellecshane Human flesh as sacrifice for a reindeer? I approve! All hail the man-eating reindeer god!


"and in vain build I" is the best line of those whole thing 11/10 overall DAMn

@janellecshane Not bad; I wonder if it would be better to have an upbeat happy sounding start to it ... which hid the darkness that comes later.

@janellecshane am i the only one imagining fluctuations in air flow that indicate just barely suppressed laughter at "the world is run by ox and ass"? 😂😂😂


"...Its heart was full of sugar
And the most prized food item was its head"

Idk why but I find this stanza metal AF 🤘

@janellecshane this speaks to me

i am just an ox, looking for an ass, to help me run this wretched world

@janellecshane And the wind was cruel and cruel
Against me like ants,
Like ants, like ants.

I've been in storms like that. ;-)

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