You MUST play AI Dungeon 2, a text adventure game run by a neural net.

@nickwalton00 built it using @OpenAI's huge GPT-2-1.5B model, and it will respond reasonably to just about anything you try. Such as eating the moon.

Since all the responses are generated on the fly by a neural net, your problem solving options aren't limited to what the game's programmers could imagine.

"Asking nicely" works pleasingly often.

@janellecshane It requires a google account, so I won't.

It's kind of sad thinking about it...

@Nomys_Tempar It works locally, the installation process isn't completely documented however. It requires Python 3, also gsutil and tensorflow modules in addition to the documented requirements. The realproblem are the hardware requirements however: on my laptop each answer takes a minute.


@WPalant @janellecshane It won't launch...
ImportError: No module named profanityfilter

@Nomys_Tempar That means that the requirements aren't installed. It's most likely that you have both Python 2 and Python 3 installed, so you have to run pip3 command rather than pip to install requirements. expects a Google Cloud environment where that's not the case, so you have to either change it or run `pip3 install -r requirements.txt` manually. Also, you have to run `python3` to start the game.


@janellecshane I really like that being polite and daring are viable and encouraged approaches 😊

@janellecshane I, uh, think I just got married to one of the skeletons. His name's John.

@janellecshane 🍬 This is right in line with the morality of Equestria. Color me impressed! 🍬

@janellecshane I sent this article to the creator/maintainer of ChooseYourStory, who just happens to be my boss

@janellecshane Do u believe AI brings an intelligent story or becomes dumb on some points?

@peron It gets confused pretty often, and its dialog is particularly bad. So it's pretty hard to play a normal story with it.

@janellecshane That's what I was thinking, it's hard to come with a convincing AI even on those games...

@janellecshane 🍬 The GPT2 clone of reddit is better than the words of human redditors. This looks like just the thing for Lyra to enjoy over the weekend. 🍬

@janellecshane This is so cool! ☺

> say "Look at this ladder! Does it goes to the moon?"

"How come?"
"It was made by a wizard who lived in the moon".
"Wow, so where is the wizard now?"
> climb the ladder.

You climb up the ladder as fast as you can. As soon as you reach the top, you
see a giant hole in the ground.
> Wear a spacesuit.

You put on a spacesuit and enter the hole. After walking through the hole, you
find yourself in a large room filled with many strange machines. A lot of them
are blinking lights and making weird noises.

@janellecshane J'aurait Bien Aimer Que Tu Fasse Une Termcast Sur Asciinema !?

@janellecshane The more I play this game, the more suspicious I am that it's just a fancy chat client and there's someone at the other end improv-ing a game for me.

@Griff I know! I think where the cracks are most exposed are when it tries to keep track of who is giving what to whom, or who is king

@janellecshane I think it helps that the odd, stilted way that an AI talks to you is a close match for the odd, stilted way that a lot of text adventures talk to you.

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