@janellecshane I actually really dig the hook for the land of endless mountains

@sireffe Me too! It's trying and failing to be mundane, and it's great!


Like thousands of Snoopies sitting at thousands of typewriters!

Especially "It was a rainy, drizzling day..."

It's the long lost manuscript of "Paul Clifford Goes to New York"!

@janellecshane These are amazing! The first one with the dog and the dead man sounds like the start of a really cool horror story. :)

@uoou @janellecshane

topped off with "having another bad one" BECAUSE IT'S NEW YORK even/especially in 1869 OF COURSE THEY ARE

@janellecshane they are great! also really really liked:

"It’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world, it’s the end of the world, you’re dead."

thank you!

@janellecshane I would...read all of these novels, and I am pretty sure I have read worse fiction.

@janellecshane I would absolutely read that first one with the dog and the dead guy

@janellecshane I'd read the heck out of every single one of these stories. Specially the 2nd and 3rd!


"The sky was blue and the stars were blue and the sun was blue and the water was blue and the clouds were blue and the blue sky was like a piece of glass."

Blue his house, with a blue little window, and a blue Corvette, and everything was blue for him and himself and everybody around 'cuz he ain't got nobody to listen...

I'm blue, dah bah dee, dah bah dye, blue dah bah dee, dah bah dye...

@janellecshane Not going to lie, I'd read a couple of those. I'm actually hooked by "I had forgotten that I was also playing with a dead man".

@janellecshane Some of them *almost* make sense, only to stumble on details. My favorite of that type:

The night that he finally made up his mind to kill the dog, the man was walking home from the store with his wife and child in the back seat.

Sounds OK, then you find yourself going "Wait! What back seat??"

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