A.I.nktober prompts are live! Now you have your choice between the official list of reasonable prompts, or these entirely bonkers A.I. generated lists.

more on the process here

So excited: my publisher is going to give away some advance copies of my book to people who draw these! Tag your drawings with and I'll pick 3 people a week to get copies of You Look Like a Thing and I Love You.

No formal rules about this - use the hashtag so I can find your drawing. I'll pick them according to *handwaves* criteria. Can only ship to US and Canada, sorry. But I might be able to do something for the UK next!

@janellecshane@wandering.shopoh goodness. I must pass this on to my artist friends on FB.

@janellecshane The higher temperature results start sounding like really fun writing prompts!

@readsteven @janellecshane Fifth Leopard sounds like a sequel to Bringing Up Baby. :)

@janellecshane I will pronounce it "oinktober" and nobody can stop me oink oink

@reinderdijkhuis I thought about it! Might still try it sometime if I can come up with a way that’s not a ton of work

@janellecshane ohhh man I sure want to do the 1.4 list.... hmmmm. may need to use those for doodle inspiration and I can refine the best...

@janellecshane Gosh, I'm feeling tempted by temperature 1.2. I keep having visions of a prickly skeleton in a dungeon, encountering all sorts of things...!

@ekkoren @DamnedSnob Have you seen the AI-generated prompt list!? (Scroll up in this thread!) - I'm feeling incredibly inspired by the one called "Temperature 1.2", I think I'll draw some hero exploring a dungeon? #Inktober #Inktober2019 #AInktober

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