Here are some mushrooms named by a neural net. They may be edible. For certain definitions of edible.


> bowl of lucky lard

i'm sure there's a takeaway near me that sells this.

@janellecshane tbh I'm disappointed not to see, like, Farter's Bolete on there. I feel like gpt-2 kind of diluted the mushroominess here. How big of a training list did you get / how big do you need? Maybe I can figure out a longer one?

@mcmoots I had <100 so I prompted a pretrained generalist neural net. To train one from scratch without it simply copying them, I’d need thousands.

@mcmoots hey, thanks so much! I may revisit mushrooms sometime with this!

@janellecshane I would've put "Wicked Trousers" in the third category.

"Stoner’s Swanky Stuff" sounds like a high-end head shop.

And "Raging Snot" is the perfect name for a retro-punk band. If there is such a thing. If not, it might almost be worth starting a retro-punk movement, just to have a band named "Raging Snot"

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