Playing a dungeon game where a neural net is DMing has a lot in common with lucid dreaming.

Text in particular is slippery and resistant to being read.


What if we're all an AI's dream? OH NO I BASILISKED SHIT

@janellecshane This looks like an interesting game! I've played some text RPGs before (like zork), and even wrote one a long time ago.

@janellecshane Looks like an alternative for playing RPGs when you know noone who is interested in DND.

@janellecshane maybe the sign says "we now have all fifteen treasures"

@marnanel @janellecshane My mind went there, and I thought maybe it was a ransom note. 📝

@janellecshane I tried to go fishing in a pond and got attacked by a thief. It was somehow almost coherent.

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