I trained a neural net to generate crochet hat patterns, and they showed a disturbing tendency to explode into ruffled hyperbolic yarn-eating shapes.

image credit: Chunky Hat, crocheted by Joannastar

@janellecshane I may be misremembering after some years but I thiiiink that a mathematician proved within the last ten years that a particular kind of hyperbolic embedding was possible by knitting it.

If that's true, then it seems like the neural nets caught on to a possible-but-why-would-you-want-it shape better than the humans did...

@janellecshane So, it turns out all those sweet little old ladies knitting and crocheting along are secretly mathematicians of advanced topology!
Now that we know their secret, they may have to kill us.

@BasilDragonstrike I am not 100% sure it would be safe to call the Ravelry LSG forum little old ladies

They do a Lot of swearing

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