This is what snacks will be like in the Simulation.

The gpt-2 neural net attempted to add to a list of British snacks and came up with these.

@janellecshane If pork scratchings can be a real thing, why not those?

@mansr @janellecshane As an American I feel like my success rate at telling these from real British snacks would be close to chance...

grey sea dipping slugs sounds like something those #Discworld people from #Quirm would eat; with 'avec', of course. ;)

@janellecshane I think you're right about the AI thinking you wanted stuff in alphabetical order. I changed the order and the response wasn't alphabetized.

It started with eleven types of shrimp, from "Hickory Shrimp" to "Red Chorizo Shrimp." The rest of the list got kind of boring; actual food-type stuff. So, I changed the order again. Eight types of "Snoutwrimps," six kinds of Whaffles, and other insanities. I've found the best times waster of them all! Peanut Felt Twistswirlies anybody?

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