When I was trying to come up with a title for the AI Weirdness book, I tried training a neural net to generate titles.

There were a LOT of rejected titles.

@AllenVarney i bet a series of neural net generated murders would be... unsettling. Its grasp of human anatomy is poor.

@janellecshane Why didn't you go with "NOT Chocolate"? It's perfectly accurate!

@janellecshane i dont know, “Swearing Machine: how artificial intelligence works and why its making the world a weirder place” seems pretty dead on

@janellecshane OK, I see Kevin coming up a lot in pop culture lately. I know I have something of an observation bias, but since you've got the training data, perhaps you might have an explanation why this is?

@nivex it could in part be selection bias! I see "kevin" in pop culture, and then I think it's funny when the neural net generates it, and I select that one to show.

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