In case you missed it: I'm using a neural net to generate crochet patterns. Quite a few of them are space-devouring hyperbolic traps.
Results (and amazing test knits) on my birdsite and in the Ravelry LSG thread. Not posted here to avoid spamming you all with patterns.

@jessmahler @janellecshane oh. why not just call it twitter?

I'd love Janelle's twitter so I could see a little more of her projects.

@kline It's a Mastodon meme. Started before I joined so not sure where it came from, but at this point it's entrenched and not changing anytime soon.

@jessmahler @janellecshane weird. Very "he who shall not be named". I never really got the whole bowdlerisation of stuff (like "G*n violence"), all you're doing is admitting you can't face up to it while still putting a phrase out that's just as triggering to anyone effected by it.

More pragmatically, people who are effected by it can't effectively filter a dozen different un-sayings. There are things I filter and I'd rather people just said it straight so I can more easily avoid it mechanically.

@kline @jessmahler @janellecshane Another perspective is that it's essentially an anti-SEO technique: you want to discuss someone/something without calling the attention of people who are outside the conversation who might jump in and derail it. That's less of an issue on Mastodon where full-text search is typically not allowed, but it also allows for wordplay and showing disdain.

@KelsonV @kline @jessmahler @janellecshane It took me a while to realise what birdsite really meant. For a while I thought it was referring to eBird[dot]org or the National Audubon Society.

That's what you get for being interested in birdwatching. :-)

@BasilDragonstrike yeah, and they're closed to new registrations because they're still battling trolls from the time they banned white supremacists.
But you can read them all here too:

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