Decided to see what would happen if I trained a neural net to write names for self-aware AIs.
May I present: GPT-2 trained on AI names from Iain M. Banks's Culture novels

@janellecshane As a Culture Ship, I approve.

My personal favorites, with classification added:

GCU Not Disquieting At All
VFP Scruffy And Determined
LSV Race To The Bottom
GSV Absently Tilting To One Side
ROU(d) A Small Note Of Disrespect
GCU What Exactly Is It With You?
GCU Sobering Reality Check
LSV Happy to Groom Any Animals You Want

@janellecshane Nice! I see your AI work is going better than mine. XD

@janellecshane "Sobering Reality Check" is absolutely spot on, as is "A Small Note of Disrespect".

@WAHa_06x36 @janellecshane so is „ass federation“, really. Pretty sure the only reason a GSV Ass Federation does not exist is that Iain Banks unfortunately has an editor.

@janellecshane tag yourself I'm "happy to groom any animals you want"

(ps those are really cool results and cute drawings)

@janellecshane brb signing up for crew on the dROU Lightly Curled Round The Wrist

@janellecshane I'm ASS FEDERATION with a little Not Disquieting At All

@janellecshane my favourite is definitely LGRPllvmkiqquubkhakqqtdfayyyjjmnkkgalagi'qvqvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

@janellecshane are you sure that ASS FEDERATION is a self-aware AI and not an item from the feature list of Mastodon?

@janellecshane Some of these would make great Culture ship names.

@janellecshane oh gosh

this has genuinely brightened up a horrid day, thankyou

TBH, Disastrously Varied Mental Model would be a good username on here if I wasn't still so enamoured of "Non-Authoritative Information".

Then I guess Disastrously Varied Mental Model for Non-Authoratitive Information wouldn't work at all. ;)

@janellecshane brb, buying a sailboat, naming it m/v ASS FEDERATION

@janellecshane Sobering Reality Check would be such an excellent name for one of SpaceX's drone ships. For anybody who doesn't know, the two existing drone ships, Just Read The Instructions and Of Course I Still Love You, are named after Culture ships.

@janellecshane "Pickles And Harpsichord" sound like a law firm. ;-)
OTOH, "Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again" sounds like something that you'd see on a t-shirt.
Oh, and the cat names are all perfect!

If anyone wants to know how the **#^ such weird names turn up? "Protip: Don’t Ask"

Simultaneously I and disappointed it didn't pick up on "gravitas"

@janellecshane these are amazing. i need to use this to name my ships in elite dangerous

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