Not sure how I talked Philadelphia's Morris Animal Rescue into letting me name some of their kittens with a neural net. They did reject some names.

especially Firestarter, Kill All Humans and Bones of the Master, seem quite apt for any cat. ;)
Surprised they didn't add "Trip My Ownerrr" and "Bringer of Dead Things" ;)

@janellecshane i would name a cat Mr. Sinister. it would have to be a friendly but slightly grumpy cat.

@balrogboogie @janellecshane


and Miss Vulgar approves

@balrogboogie @sydneyfalk @janellecshane we call 'im "Killy" but people just think it's a BLAME reference 🤷‍♀️

@balrogboogie @sydneyfalk @janellecshane "But we have all sorts of nicknames for him, like 'Bones Of The Master' and 'Mr Sinister'. Such a fuzzy furbaby!"

@janellecshane and i could assign a subgenre to every one of them

@janellecshane "Accepted A Tribute" - - - isn't that ALL cats?

I hope somebody adopts Starmaker and/or Sparky Buttons. I know very well how much love and help cats with bad eyes need. :-(

@janellecshane I dropped this link into work Slack’s channel and everyone was amused for at least an hour squeeing over the names. Pomponpur and Whiskeridoo FTW

@janellecshane "Not Suitable For Character the Enforcer" sounds like the name of Iain M. Banks Culture ship. :-)

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