@trickster @janellecshane I'm tired of all the old beat up puppies they keep hanging out. Fresh or bust!

@janellecshane They are all perfect! I do sympathize with Mr. Person, specifically.

@janellecshane Also, the Rhino Amish Culture Association needs to be a thing!

@janellecshane « Change the name of the planet to the Planet of the Giants » → Seems legit 😂​

"Karen’s mother: Please bring your own breadsticks for Karen."

Cc: @Pixley

@janellecshane Now imagine there's an AI controlling what people are allowed to protest about on Googram Twitbook. Oh, wait, that's the current plan, ay?

@janellecshane I haven't laughed so much in months.
"While Highway 1 in Surrey should be referred to as "One Highway, Four Hens", there is no mention of the term "One Highway, Four Hens" on the highways map. This is due to poor understanding of what a "Two" or "One" refers to, what the difference is between "One Highway", "One Highway, Three Hens, Three Hens, Five Hens, and Five Hens", and "1 Highway"."

Is it bad that this reminds me of translated English instructions on some cheap Chinese products?


TBH these don't really give me a different impression from the regular petitions I'm asked to sign. With "Save Pit Bulls" next to "Kill Puppy Mill Breeders"... "Dog Owners Aren't Human" seems like the next logical step. @p
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