If you could talk to someone from about 1000 years ago (assuming language barrier is overcome), what would you ask them?

Also interested in the super-specific questions. "What's your recipe for this?" "Can you construct this instrument and tell me what Jupiter's bands look like?"

I think I'd politely ask if I could join them for a meal. I'm quite curious about how much food has changed over the past millennium.

@janellecshane Ideally, assuming *I'm* in a good enough enough place to understand any speech, I'd ask to here a bard/skald/local equivalent so I could listen to the stories of the time/culture.

@janellecshane Where do you see yourself in one thousand years?

@janellecshane i' d ask them about their understanding of gender. also if they've got anything similar to nonbinary genders (assuming i would talk to someone from Germany/western Europe, as the existence of other genders than male/female is known for other cultures).

@janellecshane I don't think I'd as as much as just observe, I wouldn't want to have my question change the course of history as it could risk changing how they think.

@janellecshane all sorts of food questions! When to plant this, what other crops to plant it with, how to cook it, how to preserve it...

Assuming I wasn't in Western Europe, anyway. :p

@janellecshane I'd shadow them on their daily routine, and ask questions about holidays and their religious beliefs.

@janellecshane What’s good to eat around here and how do you prepare it?

@janellecshane I would ask them questions concerning their sense of self, their individuality. I am very curious how people saw themselves in the middle ages.

@janellecshane My special interest is , so I'd be there with my brushes and bits asking for a tutorial...

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