so @phantrosity of birdsite pointed out that you can use to generate the opposite of something.

this is the opposite of a horse.

@janellecshane one of those weird science-textbook graphics of how DNA fits into a cell

@janellecshane I feel like I can say with some authority that that is, indeed, not a horse. 😂​

@janellecshane Was this PCB soldered by a horse? I can see several cold joints, and the ceramic capacitor in the center looks like it has been trampled.

@janellecshane It's certainly the opposite of *something*.

Hmmm...It might be the opposite of everything.....

@BenLeggiero you can order prints of any of these through! I have a cowcastle on my cubicle wall.

Awesome!! Do you have a link to this one or should I try to recreate it?

@BenLeggiero sorry, looks like I didn't save a link to this exact one! Here's a similar one, though, and if you keep clicking "make children" you can get more:

Please tell me how this is the opposite of a horse and how to get opposites. o.o

@tangent use to create a new image.
Choose "select a new gene" and choose your category.
Pick one of the resulting images.
Then click "Edit-Genes".
You'll see your one category, with the slider all the way to the right (100). Turn the slider all the way to the left instead. Then click "make child"

It's the opposite of a horse in a weird sort of neural net logic based on what it had to do to generate a horse.

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