@janellecshane please do not look at the silicon wafer as a sexual object, Janelle

@janellecshane I'm looking at that sideways trying to figure out just what Tumblr sees in that silicon wafer.

🤷‍♂️ To each their own, I suppose.

@janellecshane the tumblr ai is just horny for silicon and dosn't want to admit it

@janellecshane I am sorry but before i the read your post, i was going to silence your account (to keep my timelines sfw), my nsfw detection seems to be at least as good as the tumblr algorithm 🤦‍♂️

@janellecshane clearly, there are some female presenting nipples here ... somewhere

with a lot of imagination I can see the curvature of a breast with a nipple here. But I had to really look for it.


@janellecshane Clearly Wafer-Porn and another good example of how the dawning EU upload filters of #Article13 will affect everybody with their false-positive censorship.

@janellecshane What do you expect an AI to think of as "porn" , other than silicon chips? 😋

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