@janellecshane I love the appearance of punctuation, “Bars *” …are they bars or not!? Does this mean they’re gluten free? Who knows.

Also, I’m using “stop chewing the quitterbread” to motivate people from here on out.

@janellecshane Hand Buttersacks is not wrong. It may be the Most Right. 😂

@janellecshane I would be unsurprised to find these recipes in a Maida Heatter book.


seems legit, I had quitterbread bars for breakfast today

@janellecshane Mmmm! I could go for some quitterbread bars right now!

@janellecshane The Chinese Room was filled with the smell of ever unatainable delicacies.

@janellecshane oh my god this is basically what NatureBox ads/products sound like LOL

@janellecshane i feel like i want to open a bake shop that only serves these cookies 😂

As a non-native speaker of English, that is *exactly* what your cookies sound like to me. That thing is onto something...

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