I added some heirloom apples, cookies, and D&D spells to the dataset of pies to see if the neural net would make some more medieval-sounding pies. It worked a little too well.

@janellecshane the only one of these that isn't completely disgusting is the tartless tart lmao


okay but I swear I had at least three of these at a UK pastry shop once, so I mean


what if..... i made some of these. thinking snake's swift shortbread might be a good start. what makes it swift? come back later to find out.

@janellecshane I am laughing FAR too hard at

'Pie Pee Pie' and 'Shrawberry Pie With An Cream Pie Cream Pie'

but my favourite is probably

'Futters Whabarb Wottiry Rasty Pasty Kamphible Idponsible Swarlot Cream Cream '


@janellecshane Oh gods, these neural network generated names make me giggle uncontrollably every single time and I don't even know why I find them so funny!

@janellecshane tag yourselves I'm impossible maple spinach apple pie.

@janellecshane i am in tears on the train about the Tartless Tart, thanks

@janellecshane I’m physically incapable of looking at Cromberry Yaas saying “yaas” without giggling

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