New college courses by a neural net trained on the @UCSanDiego course catalog. I would at least read the syllabus for some of these.

@janellecshane Genies are a very important part of most engineering disciplines.

@inmysocks and sadly there are so many examples of untrained people trying to use genies and things ending generally very badly. The certification is there for a reason!

@janellecshane Some of those would make some pretty good book titles for sci-fi or fantasy - maybe with a humorous twist.

@janellecshane it's incredibly dangerous to study the Deathchip...

@janellecshane Am surprised 'General Almosts of Anthropology' isn't already a course title.

@janellecshane Syllabus, nothing, I'd sign up for several of these!

@janellecshane I'd sign up for Marine Writing, General Almosts of Anthrolopogy and Language of Circus Processing immediately.

@janellecshane ... and now I see I made a hilarious typo :-)

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