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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

I trained a neural net on the 1910 edition of Apples of New York, and it generated some seriously weird new heirloom apples.


@janellecshane I would 100% buy an apple called Sten's Ooter.


I'll have a dozen Evil Red Janet, and toss in a few Kulter of Death Orga, so I can make tarts.

@janellecshane Evil Red Janet sounds like a delicious Good Place Reference.

@Annalee I have no idea what this reference is, but people on Birdsite are suddenly asking me about roller derby

@janellecshane There's a character in The Good Place named Janet, who is an artificial construct with good and bad versions. So they talk about "Good Janet" and "Bad Janet."

But yes, also a good source for roller derby names :D.

For this round of heirloom apple names, I also trained the neural net on metal bands. Perhaps you can tell.

Most of these are entirely believable (having spent years long ago around English apple orchards). Hmm... which would be the best to send to the cider presses 🤔

@janellecshane I know "tag yourself I'm ______" is a common reply to your posts but

I've rarely so identified with a neural net generated thing so much asI do with "evil red janet"

I think you missed Gravenstein (L) and Alkmene (R).

Or are they disqualified for actually existing?🙃