For this round of heirloom apple names, I also trained the neural net on metal bands. Perhaps you can tell.


I'll have a dozen Evil Red Janet, and toss in a few Kulter of Death Orga, so I can make tarts.

@janellecshane Evil Red Janet sounds like a delicious Good Place Reference.

@Annalee I have no idea what this reference is, but people on Birdsite are suddenly asking me about roller derby

@janellecshane There's a character in The Good Place named Janet, who is an artificial construct with good and bad versions. So they talk about "Good Janet" and "Bad Janet."

But yes, also a good source for roller derby names :D.

Most of these are entirely believable (having spent years long ago around English apple orchards). Hmm... which would be the best to send to the cider presses 🤔

@janellecshane I know "tag yourself I'm ______" is a common reply to your posts but

I've rarely so identified with a neural net generated thing so much asI do with "evil red janet"

I think you missed Gravenstein (L) and Alkmene (R).

Or are they disqualified for actually existing?🙃

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