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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

What more fitting way to name a robotics team than to give the task to a neural net? This one was trained on 6k names from FIRST robotics.

Definitely don't mess with team WALKS THE MEATS.


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@janellecshane WALKS THE MEAT is all caps...

... presumably for, um, punks related reasons. 🤔

... The Machines Know~~~~ 😲

@janellecshane Most of those are AWESOME! WALKS THE MEATS is pretty appropriate. They're the walking, made-of-meat part of the team, as opposed to the made-of-metal-and-plastic parts.

The neural net trained on a combination of robotics teams and Night Vale transcripts produced some of the most unsettling team names.

@janellecshane “Team NOT Robotics” is so totally into robotics.

@janellecshane oh, you're a sox fan? i'm more into WALKS THE MEATS

@janellecshane @Annalee I'm cracking up here. Why would you do this 😂


@janellecshane I like this. Is it hard to make an AI generate character and story title names? I suck at those.

@janellecshane that's fantastic. Thanks. :blobaww: it'll save me a lot of trouble.

@janellecshane iunno i hear SCONE are the ones to beat this season

@janellecshane Team NOT Robotics is iconic and I would absolutely name a team that

@janellecshane @HTHR I feel like I've gotten coffee at three of those cafes before ...

@janellecshane I really love Ham & Panthers, but THREAT is p amazing paired with that chainsaw icon.

@janellecshane also, the faceless. And the one with the chainsaw. This is very good.

@janellecshane Rust School would be a good name for a grunge band.

Could be worse.

"Teamy McTeamface is going to kick your ass!"