It turns out "draw me a picture of whatever I ask for" is a really hard task for an algorithm. This one will try its best though:

Just to be on the safe side here, it decided to fill the entire planet with sheep texture.

I love this one. Such a treat when I come up with something it can kind of do!

@janellecshane so like, next step, feed Gutenberg poetry corpus haikus into this and

@natecull @janellecshane @poem_exe and then, just to round out the chain, give the resulting image to that app that tries to describe images

@janellecshane I like to imagine that the sheep has its legs crossed kicked up on the living room table

@janellecshane I saved like a dozen beautiful pictures from this thing but this is my favorite: “a very tall dog”

@janellecshane I was particularly surprised how badly it did with "George Washington crossing the Delaware" given the consistency of the image results in Google when you search the phrase.

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