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Looks like Boulder county is living up to its name! :D

Is everybody ok? Hail that big can cause some serious injuries.

@frostotron One of my neighbors went out to cover his car with a blanket (it didn't help) and his thumb got hit. Swelled up huge. But I don't know of anything serious.

@janellecshane i lived in thornton before portland and i do not miss the summer hail storms

@janellecshane damn, that's insane! I never see that kind of hail down in Denver.

@janellecshane holy shit. we had some maybe quarter-sized, flat-ish stuff a few hours back in lyons, but nothing like that.

@janellecshane yeah; we were down in the vicinity of the springs a few days back and i guess there was softball-sized stuff not that far away and all we got was a light show (not that i'm complaining).