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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

I trained a neural network on more than 43,000 jokes and asked it to invent new jokes of its own. aiweirdness.com/post/174691534

@janellecshane so the thing is called textgenrnn

now i have the power..

@janellecshane Have you considered adding some learning code so that it logs the methodology by which it comes up with an answer and then scores points for the logic that gets it closest to the 'correct' answer and makes use of that going forward?

@Douglewars that's basically what the training process is supposed to do. It doesn't always work perfectly.

@janellecshane Have you considered starting with the punch line and then working back to the joke? So 'to get to the other side' => <transverse movement> => <subject> crossing <object>

@janellecshane This does not look better than any markov chain would have performed, but I assume it was a lot more fun. ^^

@janellecshane lol that i was following you here even before your talk 😊 you are my nerd people