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Janelle Shane @janellecshane

I trained a neural net to generate roller derby names & discovered it doesn't quite get the concept of puns. It's excruciating to watch it try.

@janellecshane i love how it gets the sound of them kind of right, but hollowly.

@eldang @janellecshane

my new name is Cheesella, please update your documentation accordingly

Cool! I wonder how you could provide context on puns? Word vectors might already carry some contextual information that might imply an unlikely conjunction, but probably one would have to first train a network to split a pun vector (??) into component word vectors?

@cathal It would definitely be possible to make a more serious attempt at this! A quick search yielded no results but it did yield a 10MB dataset of short jokes, so that's delightful.

Ooo, citation needed? :)
I have been wondering whether you could train a char-rnn to guess word vectors, so that when presented with a word outside a word vector set it guesses a vector based on what the word looks like. I suppose it would need information on context, POS tag, etc., but if it could work at all perhaps it could help unpack puns..

Here's the dataset (a bit messy though). kaggle.com/abhinavmoudgil95/sh
A word vector approach seems reasonable - maybe something like Robin Sloan used here robinsloan.com/voyages-in-sent

@janellecshane Oh I'm only a few paragraphs in and loving it already, thank you :)

@cathal Here someone tried a word vector approach but the results weren't great. Maybe because the word vector was trained on politics. web.stanford.edu/class/cs224n/

@janellecshane That could be it, we already know political speech is devoid of meaning so I can't imagine anything converging on it. ;)

@janellecshane OMG his API for the vectors is served from a domain called 'text.bargains', I am so enchanted

@janellecshane to be fair, I think once a neural net can make puns we've entered the singularity and humanity is screwed.

@janellecshane Cheesella. Possibly related to Wonderella.

@janellecshane tag yourself I'm Aana Dastrophe