Thanksgiving, family 

The best part of thanksgiving for this introvert is the part where I kick all the family out of the house so I can cook in peace. Do they really HAVE to come back?

Prorality is maybe 60% feature complete.

I added comments and version tracking before shelving them so that I could get the vote tracking (a variation on Apache voting), the workflow, and the email experience to where it needs to be to make the software easy to use.

If Prorality can't work well via email, then it's a lost cause. So that's what I'm going to focus on next.

The sky the limit though. Here's the repo:

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I broke ground on Prorality which is a new proof-of-concept open source application.

Prorality lets you submit an internal or external proposal to an organization, manages the voting process (emails, tracks, and nags), and keeps track of passing proposals.

After being on several non-profit boards for many years, this process typically managed by humans. Humans get busy and are prone to forgetting things.

Early screenshot warts and all:

oh hey it finally worked:

Looks like it took nearly an hour, though, and I'm still not sure how I feel about some rando server doing this for me. WIll probably look into spinning up my own instance if I keep going this way.

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(hm, didn't seem to work, at least not quickly. more experimenting needed, apparently...)

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One of my major goals for 2017 was to run 2,000 miles this year. Just crossed that mark today with like 40 days left in the year!

I think I like Tootdon a bit more (thanks for the req @janellecshane) - mostly because the slightly-denser UI fitsbetter on my screen (iPhone SE).

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Giving Amaroq a try. Seems mostly good, though the default to posting unlisted is an interesting decision.

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Hi, I'm Jacob 👋 I'm a software developer and security engineer, more management and less hands-on these days. I work at 18F, trying to help build delightful government digital services.

In my free time, I cook, run, and backpack.

I've been wanting to give Mastodon a try for a bit, thanks to @phildini and @Annalee for running an instance I know I want to join!

Wandering Shop

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