read 'on the lathe of heaven' for the first time recently, and still find my mind caught on it weeks later

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Regions on the alignment chart:
Enthusiastic masculine
Enthusiastic nonbinary
Enthusiastic feminine
Apathetic masculine
Apathetic nonbinary
Apathetic feminine
Antipathic masculine
Antipathic nonbinary
Antipathic feminine

Most DMs discourage antipathic characters, unless the player has a plan for a self-esteem-building character arc that takes them toward a they're happier about being.

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Gender presentation alignment chart. I'm just above the horizontal axis, about halfway over on the feminine side.

Good Morning, Shop!
I'll make a pot of coffee, feel free to help yourselves...
Hope everyone is doing well?

Afternoon, Shop!
decided to do the camp nanowrimo things after all, tho probably less intensely than I aimed with actual nano. still, wanna get into the habit of actually writing as much as I can...
On that note, I'll make another pot of coffee for anyone else who wants it

Evening, Shop! been working on a writing project with my momma the past few days, and while it's gotten contentious at points, it's weirdly nice to have the excuse to force myself to write again? i think post november i sort of let myself slack off, but no longer!

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This is your friendly reminder to back up your computer.

(No disasters here, just routine)

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Afternoon Shop! I've been struggling with a plethora of tech troubles lately, but it's very nice to check in to my favourite cafe. Hope you're all well, and if you've got a public holiday, that you're getting a nice relaxing time of it!

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Hot coffee for my real friends and also for everyone else, because I think everyone needs some this morning.

Afternoon, Shop! there's some light snow in the country today, so I'm loathe to head outside for milk... As such, if I could persuade the barista here to make me a slightly warmer, and less strong cup of coffee it would be truly appreciated!

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tired: "tired/wired"

wired: "tired/wired/inspired"

inspired: "tired/wired/inspired/retired"

retired: "comedy comes in threes"

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recently joined this online dnd campaign, and we're just starting our first fight and i am !!!! so excited

Evening Shop!

Been helping my aunt do home renovation for the past week and a bit, which means I may never get all these paint splodges off me, and I haven't had nearly enough time to check in the Shop...

How are you all doing? Well, I hope

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Content isn't "free" when there are ads. The longer I work in advertising, the more this idea that content w/ads is "Free" bothers me. It's not free at all. You're paying for it with your time and attention to sponsored content, and how that content then drives you to take actions. It's not "free."

Evening Shop! it's dark here already, so even though I'm recovering from the jetlag, there's a whole other confusing aspect of travel to work through...

had a fairly chill day: been working through some necessary chores, finished a story arc in the podcast I'm listening to atm, watched the start of Dirk Gently s2, just getting back into the swing of non-holiday life.

Got a dance class this evening, where I'll get to see how much I've devolved while I was away...

Evening, Shop!

back in the home country, though very much not adjusted to its timezones yet. mostly been sorting out chores and bureaucracy today, which hasn't been hugely fun, but now working to finish a character to join a friend's (online) dnd campaign, which should be nice

just saw The Shape of Water in a cinema screen which had a ceiling covered in paper roses and walls bedecked with native birds, and then about two minutes after the film ended a power cut hit and plunged the town into darkness (it's been a cool night)

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