@onf I think I bought mine for 15 euros at a computer store.

@onf Put it in a cradle and use it as an external disk!

"a brick quarry"? Is that like a spaghetti plantation?

Young woman: *walks past me wearing a black lace shirt that looks like tattoos on her arms, waist-length purple-blue hair*
Me: Wow.
Woman: *turns* Thank you!

Calling him "tapestry weaver" for now. Can always edit.

And with all the discussion about what to call the tapestry-maker, I'm not getting round to tackling the scene.

@Trev I need to distinguish this person from weavers who just make cloth, so I'll stick with "tapestry maker". That's how the POV character (millwright with weaver relatives) will think of him anyway. Craft isn't a focus of the story, it's background, but I want to get the details right.

@zeborah Someone on birdsite found 'tapiser' but I'll keep that for the speech of people with more specific craft knowledge than the protagonist. (This is the young millwright who looks somewhat like the even younger king; doing a complete rewrite, and *already* found some motivation for a character who didn't have any earlier!)

@zeborah lol yes, not the least that the first meaning that occurs to readers is far too modern for the setting!

@zeborah Yes but it's in Rizenay and that's full of weavers who make broadcloth and worsted and other types of woollen cloth by the yard. Tapestry weaver is a whole other line of work and I don't want to cause any more confusion. (I'll just stick with "tapestry maker", I think, just wanted something more colourful)

Is there a term for someone who makes tapestries (other than "tapestry maker")?

@InvaderXan Friend of mine says "dear people" but addressing them as "foolish" would seriously impede his credence. ("Mortals" okay, he's a priest)

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A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

Note to self: Self, tightening up the writing doesn't mean skipping all the local-colour and culture details.

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Happy father's day to all the life-bearing asteroids out there in space, striking planets and contaminating pristine systems with replicating organisms and whatnot.

3 bats. I hope they'll eat all the gnats that want to bite us tonight.

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