This survey wants me to pick my age from a dropdown list. Why? What's hard about typing a two-digit number? If you check that it's only numbers what possibility for error is there?

ISP sent a reminder that we hadn't paid their invoice. It's for 0 euros. Are they surprised that we haven't paid?

I made a new backup of all my church templates and reader's notes and liturgy texts. Just in case another update loses them again.

Dear website: if you're going to 451 GDPR me, don't make me do two lots of unpaid driverless-car teaching.

Checkout girl ringing up my beer: "Doesn't that have any alcohol?"

Me: "That's usual for nonalcoholic beer, isn't it?"

Her: "I was wondering because I didn't get the age check alert."

(I'm 61 and look it, no wonder I never notice that unless someone tells me)

Dear person: if you ask me to do something for you and I say "sure" and don't do it this very minute, please keep in mind that it's not the ONLY thing I'm doing today, or indeed at all.

It's not *from* pumpkin but *with* pumpkin, the base is still chickpeas, but the pumpkin adds a lot of extra moisture.

(I wish they had lime and coriander hummus in separate tubs, not only in a trio with beetroot (okayish) and curry (meh) variants. I'd eat it all the time, even outside of Lent.)

Pumpkin hummus verdict: the taste is okay but the consistency is too slack because pumpkin is by its nature wetter than chickpeas.

*whew* In the obvious place and I could just copy the whole folder over and it works.

There's 20 hours of work in those templates, maybe more.

eek LibreOffice had an update AND IT'S DESTROYED ALL MY TEMPLATES

(I think I've got a backup but I'm not sure where I put it)

@dantebrevity It could be, yes, but it's in fact about birdsite's new "topics of interest" thing.

Suppose you've made a thing and released into the wild. You thought it would be used in x way, but you find that most people are using it in y way instead. What do you do?

- Say "hey cool, show me how you're using it so we can all learn from each other"?

- Throw a tantrum and change your thing so it can only be used in x way? Every effing time it happens?

(yes, this is a subtoot)

Sorry for ranting. Last straw and all. (And anyone who joins a dogpile on me will get blocked; reported if they're abusive about it)

Note that I'm not trying to virtue-signal, only to say I'm not going to take the whole responsibility for something that is too large for individuals to take responsibility for. I'm already doing little reasonable things; being extreme in that on my own (like becoming vegan the whole year instead of about half the year per Orthodox fasting rules) won't help *more*.

Goes in the drawer with "have no more than 2 children" (how? my #2 and #3 are twins) and "don't use the car for short trips" (what car?)

Dear news people, individual households aren't the problem.

News article says "we" have to use less water. Tip: shower 1 minute shorter. If I do that I'll barely get wet. (They say the average shower is 8.5 minutes! Mine are about 2 minutes.)

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@zeborah @selcaby That proves that I don't use my phone enough -- never thought of the voicemail message. That might be the best solution, except that it will make me have to LISTEN TO MY RECORDED VOICE BRRR. Thanks!

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