It's been warm and wet in turns, and occasionally at the same time, and our pocket-sized rooftop meadows have done THIS.

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The fountain was ridiculously easy to install and started running when I walked to a sunny place with the solar panel in my hand. Have to figure out the right angle so I can screw the panel in place (it's tied to a board with string now so the wind won't blow it away, it's small and light) and will perhaps adjust the fountain a bit but it makes a really soothing splashy sound and we love it. It came with widgets to make it more fountainy, but all of those made the water land outside the basin!

Cycling was somewhat hard but we now have redcurrants, ordinary and holy basil, dill, bio fertilizer, ready-bent bamboo sticks, a pot for the rose, a zinc basin, 8kg of lava rocks and a solar-powered fountain pump.

Done; only need filling with earth but we want to do that when the nights are warm enough to sow to avoid too much nutrient draining from the soil when it rains. See the broken planters in the top left corner (oleander, rose tree) which I'm not going to fix today.

It has an inset for pens and things! It has a strappy thing to keep my keys within reach! All my stuff goes in and still it doesn't feel heavy, especially when I wear it slung round myself like a messenger bag.

Look at the wonderful bag my wonderful spouse gave me for my birthday! (Actually it's quite a lot greener than in the picture, roughly #286304, but somehow it came out blue).

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Christmas tree. The tree itself is kind of uncouth, with twigs sticking out any which way (Spouse: "as if it's eleven years old and has red hair", referencing a gender-ambiguous young-presenting deity in our shared (fiction and game) world). Lights: cute little globes that look sort of magical. Middle leftish: the house-shaped bauble that's been in my family longer than I've been alive. Top right: the tiny angel ditto.

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