There's a new sock shop in town. Couldn't resist. (The mouse and cheese ones are a pair; the blue ones have the local characteristic church tower and an approximate town profile)

I have a purple overdress. (Also a blue overdress but the purple one is prettier.)

I don't usually go for meat-flavoured crisps but these are actually okay. (Bought them because I was intrigued)

Look what I got at Worldcon! Demi flag badge specially handmade for me.

This is wonderful stuff on a long train journey. Sweet but not overly so, very fruity.

This (at UK border at Harwich) is positively creepy. There were more but I didn't dare photograph those as well because that would probably have been "unusual interest in security".

This is a toaster. You put your bread in at the top and after a while (long enough for eggs and beans to cool to lukewarm) toast comes out at the bottom.

Ferry breakfast. I need another cup of tea, I think. And possibly more pineapple juice.

Did the teenager thing to my bag. (It's Dutch for "person who is a nuisance", all the high school kids do it)

This isn't where I put the fuzzy clock, and it's also smaller than I wanted, but it's kind of cute that it's on the castle tower now. (It must be a fuzzy clock problem, other widgets do stay put)


Looks like market over there. River is called Pegnitz, btw.

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