Rachel Manija Brown says it in a livejournal post from 2013 (rachelmanija.livejournal.com/1):

"When the only fiction you can read about people like yourself is exclusively concerned with how hard it is to be an oppressed minority, it sends a number of subtly toxic messages: you don’t belong here; people like you are not allowed to have fun; if you want to escape, you can only do it by imagining yourself into a gentile identity."


I want books with minority characters, disabled characters, LGBTQ characters, who have adventures like anyone else and being [whatever] is not ALL of their identity. Representation is a good thing but it shouldn't be the WHOLE of the appeal of the work.

@irina The Second Mango (and sequels) by Shira Glassman. Jewish lesbian princess with severe food allergies rescues her girlfriend from an evil wizard.

@WizardOfDocs I know! I've got them all and frequently reread them.

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