News article says "we" have to use less water. Tip: shower 1 minute shorter. If I do that I'll barely get wet. (They say the average shower is 8.5 minutes! Mine are about 2 minutes.)

Goes in the drawer with "have no more than 2 children" (how? my #2 and #3 are twins) and "don't use the car for short trips" (what car?)

Dear news people, individual households aren't the problem.

Note that I'm not trying to virtue-signal, only to say I'm not going to take the whole responsibility for something that is too large for individuals to take responsibility for. I'm already doing little reasonable things; being extreme in that on my own (like becoming vegan the whole year instead of about half the year per Orthodox fasting rules) won't help *more*.


Sorry for ranting. Last straw and all. (And anyone who joins a dogpile on me will get blocked; reported if they're abusive about it)

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