Cycling was somewhat hard but we now have redcurrants, ordinary and holy basil, dill, bio fertilizer, ready-bent bamboo sticks, a pot for the rose, a zinc basin, 8kg of lava rocks and a solar-powered fountain pump.

@Satsuma I wanted to bring jasmine and honeysuckle too but I suspected I wouldn't be able to fit it in. (I was right; it wouldn't have fit in. "Estimate Volume" is a superpower of mine, works even on bike panniers.)

@irina estimate volume sounds like an extremely useful superpower to have!

Jasmine and honeysuckle both smell lovely though, so i hope you’re able to make a second trip :)

@Satsuma My other superpower is Make Food Into Pie. They go very well together 🙂

We already have 2 jasmines but the garden centre had pink and yellow ones. (Also 3 kinds of honeysuckle but I wanted the traditional yellow.)

@irina yes i can imagine!

Our honeysuckle is of the ‘clipping from one we found growing wild in the park’ variety (white and yellow) but it makes a lovely fence cover and doesnt seem to mind the shade, which is our primary criteria for choosing garden plants (our whole house is shaded by a very old and large sycamore tree, so even the sunniest bits only get a few hours of direct sunlight)

@Satsuma Our roof terrace is mostly sunny -- the one shady corner is where we sit, all the plants are out in the sun. Most important for us is "do the bees like it" (town hall, less than 100m away, has beehives on the roof)

@irina bees are definitely good to have around! What does the town hall do with their honey?


@Satsuma Sell it! (well, I think independent beekeepers are taking care of the bees and *they* sell it; but in the little souvenir shop that's just inside the entrance of the town hall)

@irina oh nice! Philly has a bee co-op for urban beekeepers that does something similar, but most of the locations are further from my house, so I usually don’t end up buying from them

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