Fixing lots of link rot on the parish site's links page. You'd think a links page is *so* 1990s but people are still using it! And I suspect those are mostly the people without much search engine fu so I'll do some of the slog-work for them.

Also moving everything that the site doesn't actually use right now out of reach of the server, and all the outdated stuff that I don't want to throw away (pastoral letters from the previous bishop, anyone?) to backup folders.


And now I run into the quota limit, which I set small because it's a tiny website. Can scrape some extra quota from the main site (that's at about 10% of its max) but can't be hedgehogged right now, only backing up the most important stuff. I *have* figured out how to sftp to it with Dolphin, much more convenient than scp in a terminal because I can actually see what I'm doing.

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