I need to hire a professional sensitivity reader/consultant to have a look at a poem for me.

It's a bit delicate, because it isn't my poem! But I have, with permission, set it to music.

I haven't published yet, and I'm aware there is one line that might be ableist but in all honesty I can't tell. If it is, I need help finding words to ask the poet to change it.

Is this a thing that can be bought? How much am I looking at?


@artsyhonker Do you have a birdsite account? I know that people hang out there who do that kind of thing; I don't know who they are. And yes, it can be bought, but I don't know the price either.

Otherwise I can throw "poetry sensivity reader wanted" to my followers, do you have an email address or something that I can include?

@irina I have a birbsite account, which public toots from this account are mirrored to. :-)


@artsyhonker I see why I don't follow you there, I'd get the same thing twice!

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