Do I help this person who doesn't even know how to use a simple website and is belligerent about it as if the website is broken instead of their understanding of it?

@irina When people say things like this, I often wonder if I would even perceive the belligerence. I can see it when it’s pointed out, and yet there’s a skill of turning belligerence as though by perceiving it otherwise. Those who see belligerence instantly are just not very helpful IMO, so as you have asked this question of strangers, this stranger answers yes.

@Finfell The situation is: this person asked a support question on Twitter. I pointed them (politely) to two different more appropriate help sites. They said they'd typed in their question on the "ask" site and got no result (probably because they used the search box and were the first with that question). I told them about the "ask a question" button. They said nothing happened. When I tried it myself something did happen (a question form) but before I could tell them that they'd already 1/2

@Finfell said "that's what Twitter has DMs for", apparently feeling entitled to free personal support in a medium still not suited to it. And I was tired of that.

@irina Are you at least support staff? This isn’t a story of a fool bugging the entirely wrong person for tech support is it? O.-.o because if you’re not support and they’re not a friend just block them.

I would probably tell them to click the ask button, with a screenshot of the question form page, and be dreading further interaction. I expect this would follow with giving them a screenshot with an arrow drawn pointing at the ask button.

@Finfell Not staff as such, but volunteer, I don't do support myself but try to be helpful by pointing people to helpful places when they seem lost. This person already rejected both of the helpful places I pointed them to because, apparently, their question hadn't been answered yet before they'd asked it. I think I'm giving up now.

@irina Thanks for trying. Not my personal thanks per se, but I mean that I want to offer the thanks that person won’t.

@irina People can be astonishingly entitled about the time volunteers put in. So you should respond on a volunteer's schedule - when it suits you, if at all.

@rosjackson Well, we pride ourselves on being prompt and friendly and helpful. But sometimes people are just too needy.

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