Dear websites that try to guilt me into turning off my ad blocker: that's a wasted effort, it only serves to piss me off.

🤔 Does this mean you consume more of the website's resources, or do you go away in a huff?

@tricoteur Usually go off in a huff, unless I really really want to read the article in question in which case I try to block their blockers.

@irina Right. I was trying to point out that, probably, the attempt to guilt you into turning off your adblocker is really a form of soft blocking. They want you to go away if they cannot make money off you, so you do not use or benefit from any of their resources like bandwidth. But they do not want to look like assholes, which will cost them too much traffic.

So they annoy you, to make you go away in a huff.

Which is still the right response, from your POV.

@tricoteur Well, they *do* look like assholes when they do that.

@tricoteur Anyway even if I did see their ads I'd never click on one, so they wouldn't make money from that! (Quite the contrary: I tend to treat ads as "don't buy from this company" notices)

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