Brands, businesses, influencers and power users will eventually join the fediverse. Why not embrace them? Its in our best interest to grow the fediverse.

I started a new suite of tools in June to support them. It was created with privacy in mind, you will only see public data insights and stats. Any user will be able to use this feature. After federation support is finished I will focus on this again! #pixelfed

@dansup I came here to escape brands. Well, to escape from the mindset that brands and celebrities and breaking news are all-important. I can get news elsewhere, and I just buy things when I need them to use instead of "engaging with brands", I'm not interested in celebrities unless they're doing something I care about (like write books; but then it's the books I'm interested in, not the fact that they're famous).

In short, if Mastodon turns into Twitter I'm not at home here any more either.

@irina You will never see brands unless you follow them or someone you follow shares them.


@Michcioperz @dansup I don't think so. But other people might.

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