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hmm, I wonder

what are your pronouns

Language in the wild: "deathline" (perhaps I already posted that the first time I saw it)

I converted an online convention programme to an ics calendar. Three days in less than half an hour's work. This turns out to be a thing I can do. *giddy*

Portrait of a noblewoman (1580) by Lavinia Fontana (1522-1614)

Language in the wild: "he or she is doing their own thing" (from 2013; early days of widely accepted singular they?)

News video urges "Turn your sound on". I say "Add subtitles." (Even autogenerated subtitles would help)

church, food 

Okay, I'm puzzled and intrigued and ever so slightly worried because I SO don't like surprises. (PSA: if you send me something PUT YOUR NAME ON IT)

Note to self: today is Friday. Not Saturday. You do need to bake, and print a thing, and put a box ready for someone, but could put that off until tomorrow if necessary.


And coriander (cilantro)! Last year I was spoiled because it was in the meadow flowers mix, but it doesn't seem to have propagated and/or it's being crowded out by the surfeit of white clover.

Next market run: oregano (because I'm now sure the bushy purple-flowering thing that's threatening to crowd out the sage is savory), possibly rue if I want do more medieval and Roman cooking. And tarragon and Thai basil would be nice but I don't think they had either of those.

I had substantial thyme and rosemary bushes sharing a planter with the chives, but they both died off above-ground after the rosemary flowered in March and attracted the very first bees. Looks like a spectacular murder-suicide but I'm not planting anything in that tub until I know (a) whether they're secretly still alive, like the vervain I cut to the ground which is now putting out bright green leaves, and (b) whether there's some illness in that tub, though the chives are doing fine.

Thyme, basil, flat-leaf parsley and dill. Previous basil and parsley didn't survive what passed for a winter, dill sowed itself but it's only a tiny sprig that I put the larger plant next to for encouragement.

It's warm and humid and bright-overcast (and I'm still stiff from yesterday) but I hung up some hanging planters and planted the herbs I bought in the market this morning. And watered everything, though it smells like the heavens will do some more watering later.

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