The only thing in this restaurant that doesn't deserve the listed 4 stars is the coffee. SO WEAK. (Zeitlos, Nuremberg) They have small portions (= what we call normal portions) of everything. Also mostly organic. And yummy. PEAS AND MINT PURÉE, people.

This book started so promisingly as fantasy set in alternate old Holy Russia (even with St Sergey of Radonezh as a supporting character!) but it's descending more an more into plain horror, with ever nastier demons/monsters.

Yup, small fresh produce market. We're in a hotel so it's no use buying the wonderful Pfifferlinge (chanterelles). Also wonderful berries bit prohibitively expensive.

Looks like market over there. River is called Pegnitz, btw.

Er, only half a river, it cuts the city in half and at some point splits in two causing an island (where there's currently a "City Beach", closed now but it will probably be very lively (read: noisy and crowded) tonight. Glad we're in a hotel just outside the city walls.

Spouse is in this building for the day but I'm free to explore Nuremberg!

NetGalley. why do you make it so %&*#(# difficult to get books I've been given? (I'm SO not going to make an Adobe account)

Laptop wifi thingy isn't giving any signal. Last time I could use it was this morning at home, not on train or here in an office. Spouse thinks it's a suse problem and is now giving me Ubuntu^WNeon.

I love it that you can turn a reply into a DM simply by adjusting the scope of the message. (Always annoyed when I try that on birdsite and it won't work)

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Finished Spinning Silver. I cried (the actual tears-down-my-cheeks kind) three times.

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Okay, I've tried everything else, let's see what happens here. I'm a 56yo IT professional currently facing age discrimination in the job market. My skills are proven and broad. I can do operations, project management, service delivery; am versed in multiple OSs, monitoring systems, ticketing platforms. I'm a technical writer and published author. I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere for a job that pays enough to cover my mortgage. I need employment by Sept 30. CV on request. #job #dayjob

Having a drink outside a cafe with a friend. 1cm long flying ant lands between us on the table and does a weird kind of dance.

She (biologist) and me (not a biologist but interested) watch it avidly. Me, to ant: "are you going to die now?"

Ant does not die but proceeds to divest itself of all four (!) of its wings, and falls off the table (wings would really have been useful here).

Turns out that it's swarming time for ants: spouse has seen several on the roof terrace.

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A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings," it said, "um. We apologise for abducting your leader. We did not notice her coming aboard when we were here last week."
A cat emerged from the spaceship and sat down to clean her paws.
"Here she is," the alien said.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

... is it now cultural appropriation to give your kid a name that's not exactly from your own little circle? Like giving two of our daughters Old Testament names when we're not Jewish? Calling your kid after a friend from another culture? Using a name you picked up somewhere (a book, a film, the news) because you happen to like it?

Note to self: Self, there's no virtue in shivering in front of an open window instead of just closing it.

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