Grr, after a hard reboot (very hard: maintenance person took the battery out) my laptop doesn't think it has a battery at all even though it's running on it. There's a workaround for that but I can't be hedgehogged to try it right now.

Laptop update: repair shop ordered a T460 keyboard which is identical to the (unavailable) T480 keyboard; two weeks turnaround, in the meantime I can safely use the machine with an external keyboard and/or workarounds. Whew.

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As much as we should push for Free/Libre or Open Source software, if there’s one thing I hate more than anything its DRM. DRM makes it so you don’t even own the things that you purchase.. I say that’s bullshit.

support DRM-Free sources:
#FCKDRM #DRMFree #SoftwareFreedom #GOG

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Once again, fanfic writers, get the names right! If you can spell, please do so, and otherwise get some good beta readers!

I do have enough money but it would be awkward to be without it for however long it takes to fix. Just now I am back from Worldcon and want to blog.

One tiny bit of cider fell on my keyboard last night and now I dont have the letter between o and q, or the arrow making my cursor go the other direction from down (which also needs that letter), or quotes. Any advice other than take it to someone who can fix it for money?

I want to blog but don' have the energy. Possibly tomorrow. (Also spilt cider on my keyboard which is affecting the 'p' key but hitting it hard enough will still make it write a 'p')

Dear news site: five elephants isn't "a herd of elephants". It's an elephant family at most.

My Dublin badge turns out to have four ribbons more than my Helsinki badge. Thought it was longer even when I was still wearing it. Still didn't get some of the ribbons I really wanted.

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Check out a derivation product of my webcomic Pepper&Carrot: "Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva", a #DnD5e supplement by Xacur on Kickstarter (RPG). Link and my thought about it on my blog:

Grr, when I fumbled a bit with my transport pass a young fellow GRABBED IT FROM MY HAND and checked out for me. And when I protested he got angry. If he'd asked "can I help" I'd have said "no, thanks" and figured it out for myself, now I had to stand on the platform fuming so long I had to let a tram go and take the next.

I don't usually go for meat-flavoured crisps but these are actually okay. (Bought them because I was intrigued)

Whew I succeeded in turning Google Assistant off again after inadvertently turning it on. I wish I could remove the bleeping thing completely.

Look what I got at Worldcon! Demi flag badge specially handmade for me.

This is a tiny room in a two-star hotel, hardly larger than my night ferry cabin on the way over. It has SIX power outlets. Two even with a USB socket, which unfortunately I didn't notice until now (leaving in 40 minutes and my phone is fully charged). Why can't big hotels be like this, too?

This bed has an almost imperceptible incline: wall side is ever so slightly higher. Not enough to be dangerous but it makes lying in it feel like work. So now I'm wide awake at 3:15 am (alarm goes at 6). It's a pity because otherwise this is a very nice little room.

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