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The "continental style" seems to be faster once you've mastered it. I don't necessarily want to knit faster (I do it primarily for the process, though the result is nice to have), but it looks like it's a bit less strain on the hands.

Also discovered that the way I knit is "English style" which makes sense because my grandmother taught me when I was a kid, and she must have learned it from her English mother.

Knitters! Is it really true that only beginners use straight needles these days? I have SO MANY, mostly inherited from 3 different people, some bought in my teens and twenties. I'm not a beginner any more but not an expert by far either.

Also, do I need to avoid/boycott Ravelry because it's inaccessible for (many?) people who aren't me? I may even have a dormant account.

Here's some yarn (belongs to the half-finished thing, except the two balls on the right which I bought on sale because I loved them and they cost next to nothing and I might make a hat). Also the scissors and row counter which should have been in the other picture but I couldn't see them as they were under the yarn.

Sorted out my knitting stuff. Left to right: broken needles, orphaned needles, 3.5 mm and up, 3mm and down, long double-point, short double-point, crochet hooks + tapestry needles, stitch holder in half-finished thing. Top: circular needles and various little tools on tool bag. I have enough 3 and 3.5mm to teach a class and let them keep the needles, and almost as many 2.5, but only one pair of 4 and two of 5, and had to buy short 5mm double-pointers for recent project.

Eep I've finished my current knitting project and I can't work on anything else until I've sorted out all my old stuff and/or bought new yarn (it's 9:45 at night and I can't do either right now).

This particular glop seems to tint grey hair golden-blonde when mixed with lemon juice. I wonder if I'll look like a Russian import bride (most of the ones I know have either bleached-blonde or grey-dyed-blonde hair) if I do that. But I like the shade of grey I've gone so I probably won't try.

Theirs was over in a few hours, mine lasted until mid-day today. But what it's done to my hair is FABULOUS and worth a full day of discomfort. (Only I need not to go grocery shopping when I'm sneezing or I'll get Looks)

Spouse put green glop in my hair (not henna but similar plant material) and now we've both got hayfever.

Dictionary knows "poleaxe" but not "polearm". (Well, now it does, I just told it.)

Language in the wild: "a millennia ago"

Is it by design that International Men's Day falls in Trans Awareness Week or just coincidence?

Er, yesterday *was* Wednesday. It's Thursday that yesterday wasn't.

Note to self: Self, today isn't Friday (because yesterday wasn't Wednesday). And even though there's a guinea fowl in the oven, it's not Sunday either. It would have been unwise to keep the fowl until Sunday and not eat it as fresh as possible.

Obscure-ish word I like a lot and had occasion to use, yay: candid.

Dreamt that I'd been commissioned to collaborate on a book with Moderately Successful Fantasy Writer, went to a con to meet them, we got on like a house on fire. Quite the opposite of a nightmare! (Also learned some memory tricks, and I still remember the thing I was using them for --irrelevant in waking life-- but not the tricks themselves!)

Grr, search engines, when I search for paintings by this painter I don't want to see hundreds of paintings by her brothers! They're irrelevant!

TFW you dream of eating something new and yummy and make it when you're awake and it really is that yummy. (Galettes bretonnes spread with butter today; but it was caramelised chicory with pecorino once, much more unusual.)

Hey writer, "professional" means that you do something for a living, or at least to earn money. Your protagonist is not a professional costumer; she's an accomplished costumer and a professional librarian.

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