psst, here's a secret: all words are made-up words, words don't grow on trees.

In fact the speaker turned out to be much less obnoxious than everybody (including two people I know who did go) had thought. And what they spoke about was sort of okay, too. Still glad I stayed at home; didn't have spoons for being with all those people.

Yes, website, I prefer "a limited experience". Just the text I came to read. No personalisation. No tracking. No targeted ads. No selling my data to Facebook.

It's so nice when you ask people to send you things in a specific format *and they actually do that*.

ITYM "No information about batteries available", which is probably a bug, especially as it told me I had only 6% battery left a while ago (which is why I put in the power cord)

pff, laptop says "No batteries available", but I just pulled the power cord out and it's working, so there.

Wow, found not ONE but TWO good history blogs (in Dutch): (medieval) and (sort of all kinds but mostly ancient/archeology)

Dear person: if you can't do X you don't have a "dilemma", you have a "problem" or "difficulty". A dilemma is when you can't choose between X and Y.

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I do have an account somewhere, and I may revive it because I see at least two things in my home town I want to edit (one merely a typo in a shop name, one shop that's changed hands)

I mean not as a contributor, but just to make the map and put it in a booklet I'm making.

OpenStreetMap users! Is it possible (and if so, how) to mark four places in the same town on a map and export it?

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Anyone remember that site where there's a map of Europe with how far carrier pigeons can fly in how much time? (Yes, I'm writing something, obviously)

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Website popup: "Have you learned something here today?" No, not yet, before I could read more than the introduction there was a popup in the way!

Could curb post-meltdown headache this morning by eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich but it's creeping up on me again now. Any tips?

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