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One day, his god spoke to him.
"Go forth," his god said, "and find another god."
"I will not abandon you."
"You are my last believer."
"Others may lose faith, but-"
"I am very old, and so, so tired. Let me go."
"Who speaks? Begone!"
"Thank y-" The god faded away.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories #TypoCorrected

wow did a (small but important) thing.

Woohoo I have ferry tickets and a private cabin on the night boat and a first class britrail pass!

Dear autocorrect, I do really mean "themself", no need to change it to "themselves".

argh I wrote a whole family out of the story, and now I need one of them after all

"a brick quarry"? Is that like a spaghetti plantation?

Young woman: *walks past me wearing a black lace shirt that looks like tattoos on her arms, waist-length purple-blue hair*
Me: Wow.
Woman: *turns* Thank you!

Calling him "tapestry weaver" for now. Can always edit.

And with all the discussion about what to call the tapestry-maker, I'm not getting round to tackling the scene.

Is there a term for someone who makes tapestries (other than "tapestry maker")?

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A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

Note to self: Self, tightening up the writing doesn't mean skipping all the local-colour and culture details.

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Happy father's day to all the life-bearing asteroids out there in space, striking planets and contaminating pristine systems with replicating organisms and whatnot.

3 bats. I hope they'll eat all the gnats that want to bite us tonight.

It's such a pity. Really outstanding food, reasonable prices, friendly staff, and now they've just had a renovation that's done nothing but make it darker and more noisy. Crammed full every day, it doesn't seem to put off most people, but it certainly puts me off. I don't know if I want to go there for dinner again. Lunch is less crowded so we might do that. (Also arranged to have the yearly choir dinner there, but we're a noisy group anyway)

Ate at a restaurant that has *excellent* food but SO NOISY. And so dark that people younger than me need to use their phone light to read the menu.

Also MORE BATS. And a sleek black cat with white hind paws that found me and spouse and father-in-law very intriguing but couldn't reach our roof from its roof to investigate us.

Person on birdsite: bad experience of X, Y and Z

Me: yes, me too, X, Y and Z in this particular way!

Person: this is ableism (and called me by my name which I HATE)

Me: yes, I know that, it's what I was brought up with

Person: what you brought up is bullying, why are you repeating toxic stuff, just to make people feel miserable?

Me: no, just to share (and I muted the conversation and the person because I don't see an end to this exchange otherwise)

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