I don't usually go for meat-flavoured crisps but these are actually okay. (Bought them because I was intrigued)

Whew I succeeded in turning Google Assistant off again after inadvertently turning it on. I wish I could remove the bleeping thing completely.

Look what I got at Worldcon! Demi flag badge specially handmade for me.

This is a tiny room in a two-star hotel, hardly larger than my night ferry cabin on the way over. It has SIX power outlets. Two even with a USB socket, which unfortunately I didn't notice until now (leaving in 40 minutes and my phone is fully charged). Why can't big hotels be like this, too?

This bed has an almost imperceptible incline: wall side is ever so slightly higher. Not enough to be dangerous but it makes lying in it feel like work. So now I'm wide awake at 3:15 am (alarm goes at 6). It's a pity because otherwise this is a very nice little room.

Pho Viet
162 Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1, Ireland
+353 1 878 3165

This Vietnamese restaurant is full of little old local ladies, groups of teenage Asian girls, student couples, and us. It's on the near-the-centre edge of what looks like Dublin's Chinatown. The food is cheap, plentiful and delicious. Ordering tea gets you a huge pot of tea.

I'm now so tired that I'm losing my ability to make sense of spoken language. Reading and writing is still okay.

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Every fanficcer in the world can now be glad that @ao3org@twitter.com just won a Hugo!!!!!!!!

Speech to text is hilarious. "bored of the rings and cream of thrown"

Please, people, if you're not going to talk about extraordinary powers, don't put that in the title of the panel. (The description is correct, and the panel is really good, but they might have called it something more specific)

One of the people on this panel has a very cute service dog.

It's disconcerting that there's not a single public clock in this building. Most people have to get out their phone if they need to know the time.

I ate an entire falafel wrap and answered a survey while in line for coffee.

They're hard to understand too, two very soft voices and inadequate use of the microphones.

I'm at the back of the room so I can't see the panel. Now I have to do with audio only which makes it hard to process. Also not as interesting as I hoped (lots of "this unlikely thing is also a portal fantasy" without any exploring as to why).

Hm, do I try for the fun panel (portal fantasy) or the instructive one (archaeology) or the useful one (literary blind spots)? Or do I assume I'll be too late for the 10am panel and aim at the 11am one that most interests me (lack of technological progress in fantasy)?

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