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alcohol, perhaps mild blasphemy 

The Duvel (Flemish for "devil") brewery has a new celebratory beer out, with 6.66% alcohol, aptly named "666". Local supermarket sells a six-pack for € 6.99. I think they might sell more if they took 33 cents off the price.

I cried a couple of times. (Can remember preteen-me crying, too.) Didn't like the ending as much as I did then because it seemed to short-change the character, "your brother gets this wonderful chance to fulfill all his dreams, and you're going to be big sister to this spoilt little girl instead of her actual big sister who died".

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I found a book that I loved at about 10-11, as a free PDF on the Dutch digital library site Converted it to epub, spent the afternoon (volunteering in a very quiet exhibition) editing out all the conversion glitches in calibre, of course read all of it while doing that, and it's still as good as I remembered! Very, very Protestant, though. And if it had been written in, say, 2008 rather than 1948, I'd have wondered if the protagonist was intended to be autistic-coded.

Someone where I was volunteering at the exhibition gave me cup of coffee this morning and it was (a) doubleplusungood and (b) probably decaf because I now have that caffeine-deprivation not-quite-a-headache. Tomorrow I'll bring a takeaway latte from the nearby coffee shop.

*wails* GET THE NAMES RIGHT DAMMIT (and this isn't even fanfic, it's lit crit)

Yesterday: leave the house to go shopping, just a tiny drop of rain
enter shop; shop worker says "looks like it's stopped"
arrive home soaking wet; rain stops immediately


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I get anxious about getting death threats from Fedi for using Google Forms instead of self-hosting my own form generator on a Raspberry Pi. Fedi loves to do that, which, ironically, makes Twitter more friendly than Fedi sometimes.

food, non-veg 

Why is sausage so salty, even if it's designed to be cooked immediately and not preserved? I'd almost want to learn to make my own. These lamb sausages we had today would have been incredible if they hadn't been too salty for the amount of spices (and indeed for the amount of meat).

Another of those little-chores days. Hedging around the online schedule thing because how do I ask someone what makes it so hard to click on a link, then click on a box and type their name in it? No saving, downloading, printing or programming required? I'm beginning to think they're afraid of anything that's Done On A Computer, even though they do use email and Word.

The autogenerated subtitles on Twitch seem to be optimized for white American men. All others get mangled, sometimes beyond comprehension.

How is it hard to type one's name in a box? It's a Google sheet, no saving or anything required, just TYPE YOUR NAME IN THE BOX. (I asked the person who just told me "I don't know how to handle this" what they find hard and what I can do to help, but I don't expect a useful response)

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What can I do to make it easier for inexperienced people to write their availability in a shared Google spreadsheet? Some people say they never got it (though they're on the share list), most people don't know what to do when I ask them to write their name in the timeslots they're available for. (They want to print it, or at least download it, which makes it completely useless as a shared resource)

Reading a Harry Potter deconstruction that's so brutal that I shudder to think what these people would do to a book I actually *like*. (Also not completely honest -- they keep insisting the Dursleys were unpleasant but "normal" and didn't actually abuse Harry. What else is it to make your nephew sleep in the cupboard and only allow him the absolute basics, while indulging your own son's every whim and tantrum?)

Nibbling at my todo list. Or rather, taking big bites out of my todo list but it feels like a huge pile of tiny jobs. (count on fingers: 5 church and church-adjacent jobs, 1 book-adjacent job, and there's also a loaf in the oven which I'm counting as a medium-sized job)

Okay, I'm now officially out of the loop. I've read ONE Best Novel contender, ONE Best Short Story contender, and ONE Lodestar contender. Have heard of some of the rest. Haven't nominated, can't catch up, won't vote.

I'm having a book birthday the day after tomorrow. It already exists as a free ebook on my website but this is the actual paper book published by a real publisher with ISBN and all.

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