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dear kobo shop, why have you heard only of Simon Hawke's Star Trek novels and not of his historical mysteries?

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Grr, this writer uses 'may' when all the text surrounding it is past tense. What's wrong with 'might' as the past tense of 'may'?

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Person phoning on train is giving me a bad case of writer's ear.

TIL that JRR Tolkien's great-granddaughter is the only blind fencer who fights sighted fencers

When I get to know her better I'll offer to edit her English text :-)

Why does a random acquaintance assume I write children's books when they learn I'm a writer? (They're clueless about fantasy, so all I could tell them was "about people in an invented world" because I don't have spectacular magic, nonhuman people or monsters to make it "enough" fantasy for the uninformed)

I think I should read something else first. With a protagonist who isn't called Rose or Rosalind or Rosamund so it doesn't make my brain expect another Beauty and the Beast story.

Grr, that update that made firefox unable to play video also killed sound. I don't need sound *much* but I was interested in a Caruso recording (for my reading notes) or I might not even have noticed. If the next update doesn't fix it I may have to revert.

But you do capitalise both parts of "Salvation Army".

Putting someone's text on a website I volunteer for. Bad case of Bitch Eating Crackers. (come on person, in Dutch you don't capitalise names of weekdays and months)

whee found a new online lingerie store that stocks my favourite bra!

*basks in the glow of successful home repair*

I put a new handle on the dishwasher door! The hardware store had a similar-but-not-identical one, off by 2mm, so I used the handle from the bottom drawer (we can open that without it, doesn't need to be opened often anyway). Took the whole door off the front of the dishwasher, and of course it's in an awkward corner and I needed to buy a special screwdriver and foolishly also unscrewed the screws holding the dishwasher front *together* so there was some cursing, but everything works now!

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