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Dear web service I don't have an account with: why must I log in (= make an account) in order to cancel my nonexistent account so you'll stop sending me spam about premium upgrades?

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Okay, everything is still whole. Only somewhat wet.

All the pollen and all the smog from the German (and closer) Easter bonfires washed out of the air. Tomorrow I'll see how the things I built on the roof terrace have held up. The solar panel for the fountain is supposed to be weatherproof.

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people: does anybody know of a plugin that allows *readers* to change the color scheme of the site? (i.e. not me when I design it; I want two or more separate color schemes and a swap button)

Making things is so amazing. Causing something to exist that didn't exist before.

Intriguing sentence, especially when you try to parse it different ways: "Was Gustave Flaubert a woman who committed adultery before he wrote _Madame Bovary_?"

(from this: )

(But then I don't have a car myself, and I think the only legitimate uses for cars in the town centre are (1) for people who are disabled or otherwise have mobility problems, (2) to collect or drop a person or thing and drive away, like ambulances and taxis and deliveries, (3) utility and maintenance. And possibly (4) police and other peacekeepers.)

Possibly an unpopular opinion: where parking space is limited (like in a town centre) there should be designated spots for utility and maintenance people's cars and vans. (Either that, or they shouldn't be fined when they park where it's technically not allowed.)

Lift maintenance person came (for the church). Both of us not only remembered the conversation we had last year (mostly calendar geeking) but continued it.

We have no car ourselves; should I really know everything about parking in the neighbourhood in case tradespeople need to get to our house, or is that their problem?

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TIL that "grease" and "fat" aren't synonymous. Not even in a non-food context.

*opts out of personalisation*

"Your ads may be less relevant and interesting to you." Come on, ads have NEVER been relevant and interesting to me.

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The knight and the dragon fought.
"Hold!" the princess called. "Why do you fight?"
They looked ashamed, and the princess spotted two trampled bouquets.
"Were those for me?"
The knight and the dragon nodded.
"Girls," the princess said, smiling at them, "what if I date you both?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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