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Queer autistic people are double rainbows.

Carry on.

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We had friends over for the first time since February. Read aloud, had dinner, drank a bit too much, talked a lot, finished the book (it was almost finished anyway). I'm exhausted now but it was SO GOOD. All of us have missed this.

I field- (well, pool-) tested my new swimsuit this morning and promptly ordered one more. It's such a luxury to have a really good fit.

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dear firefox, when I say "never allow notifications" why do you keep asking again and again and again?

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My new swimsuit arrived and I've never had one that fit so well. I'll try it in the water and if it's still perfect I'll order another one (even though they have only 1 style of this particular model so I'll have two identical ones). This will take care of the next 6 years or so of swimming, because they tend to hold shape for 3 years (the old one is so much out of shape that my boobs threatened to fall out, also the cup size was always too small)

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SO TRUE. "Yes, of course: it was a person taking on the role of one of the gods. But it was also one of the gods. That's how ritual magic works."

Why must the new Katherine Addison book be supernatural Sherlock with vampires and werewolves? Instead of a sequel to The Goblin Emperor, or at least more in that world?

Probably means that the town's efforts to encourage insects (we're complicit: 4 square meters of insect-attracting wildflowers in addition to what's already on our roof terrace) are working.

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@Mightyflea if you need musescore advice, chances are that I may be able to give it (disclaimer: I've only done a cappella choral music until now, and I'm unlikely to do anything else) (but I know lots about interface and styles and formatting now)

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