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All too often, "hard level" means "we're giving you only half the resources, and you're going to use up all you've got or more until you finally have a stroke of luck" -- that is, artificially expensive rather than intrinsically difficult.

A family member of mine and their friend got fired from a call center job even though the two of them had the highest possible problem-solving and customer satisfaction ratings. Only because they refused to upsell. Not even in the United States: in the Netherlands.

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I hate those "how likely are you to recommend X to a friend or family member". I don't want to say "not at all likely" because that probably hurts the customer service person's job, but it is the truth -- I'm never likely to randomly recommend things to friends or family members.

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Okay, after signing out of my account and signing back in (causing my currently-reading books to disappear and my settings to reset, grr) the tutorial box was there at first but disappeared the moment I opened some books. Very glad I didn't get suckered into doing the factory reset.

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A very, very clueless one. Now they understand what I'm saying but the advice they're giving is either nonsense (factory reset) or untrue (go through the tutorial and it will disappear).

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Now chatting with a customer support person (or robot?) who wants me to do a factory reset. No, I don't want to lose all my annotations!

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And now they're misunderstanding my question in a very A not-so-I way.

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I strongly suspect that this customer support person I'm chatting with is also AI, not a real human. They've asked me the same question in the same words twice now, and not answered any of mine.

I actually took the quick tour and pressed "Done" at the end, hoping that would make it go away. It didn't. This means I have only half the space on my home screen for books I'm reading (two instead of four). Why, kobo, whyyyy?

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Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by business models.

I've had this particular ereader for almost two years and used it daily. Why does it suddenly want me to "take a quick tour"?

Why do I feel that using a powerup that I've earned in the game is somehow cheating?

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See a hexagonal profile image,
Block a hexagonal profile image.

#twitter #nft #bullshit #instablock

Dear blogspot: I know what cookies are. What I need is a way to refuse them. What I don't need is a VIDEO in which a TALKING HEAD explains cookies.

Dear art site: if the very first artwork I viewsite is mislabeled ("fort" instead of "font" while it's very clear what's in the picture) how can I trust you at all?

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