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Really, computer? do you need to go to 2-3 rounds of restart just to update 1 little package?

See the chives that don't need my help! See the savory trying to crowd out the dapper sage bush! See the mint, parsley seedlings, mystery plant, thyme and pot that I sowed peppers in (also two pots waiting for new input).

Some of the grass I eradicated from around the chives must have been in flower *achoo*

Also sowed red peppers (which may not be ripe until September). Already sowed the first batch of radishes around the strawberry plant yesterday.

Dead lightweight stalks all in one pile near the bird bath so the birds will find them (already saw a blackbird with some the other day.)

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The rest were either annuals or didn't survive the frost so I'll hit the market early Friday or Saturday morning to replace things like basil and vervain. (Oh, and to see if a mystery plant is hyssop or tarragon, and get the other.)

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Cleaned up the herb garden. Savory has taken over 80% of its planter (almost pushing out a sturdy sage bush) but I'm letting it come into flower, which it's about to do, because the bees and bumblebees like it a lot. Cut dead wood out of sage. Cleared grass from around the chives (which don't need any further help from me). Uprooted every parsley seedling I could find and put them all in one pot to do what they can. Thyme is holding on. Different mints sharing one bowl are trying their best.

If you're preventing me from reading your articles, how the bleep do I know whether I want your mailing list? (Anyway, the answer is no. I never subscribe to mailing lists that only serve to alert me to new "content". I have an RSS reader for that.)

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Dear website, please make up your mind. Do you want me to read your articles? Or do you want me to subscribe to your mailing list so badly that you think it necessary to interrupt me whenever I'm reading an article?

Gah. Tried to buy something and it turned out I can only do it with a credit card and they ship only in the contiguous United States. Left the page in frustration. Now they send me a reminder about my "uncompleted purchase", without any way to tell them *why* I couldn't complete it.

I'm proud of myself. I wrote a snarky comment (about spelling reform) and closed the page without hitting Submit.

No, Techradar, I don't want "content about my region". I want to read THIS specific article which is completely region-independent, not random things that happen to be local.

Dreamed that we had two tiny stripy kittens, one forward, one shy. (Probably because I'd told another dream to Spouse in which they asked me to look out for some kittens, and we talked about the possibility of cats for a bit and decided against it after all because severe allergy.)

TIL that if you do wc -w on a text that has an asterisk as a placeholder, it uses the asterisk as multiplier for the word counts on either side of it.

wtf!? a random art site just gave me a badge for "spending time viewing an image". What am I, a kindergartener?

People in the UK who eat Twiglets: have they changed so much in the past, say, 20 years, or has my taste changed so much? I find them hard and bitter and not as tasty as I remember.

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It was Sloppy Dough Day anyway: my walnut cookies coalesced into one big sheet that I cut into squares. I'll have to *work* on that recipe. (Also yummy, though. Just inconvenient.)

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The dough was a bit too slack so I should perhaps have baked it in a tin; now it's somewhat flat but, as I said, very yummy.

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Wow this loaf is good. *eats another slice* It's just plain spelt-and wheat but I already noticed the dough was excellent while kneading.

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