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I wish Agatha Christie had written a whole series about Lucy Eyelesbarrow rather than only '4:50 from Paddington'. She's better than Miss Marple.

Suddenly I read "Thurn und Taxis" as "Towers and Taxis", like a weird kind of modern-day Dungeons and Dragons.

Two days of warm spring weather and already something's come into flower *achoo*. I need a T-shirt, or a sign to hang around my neck, "It's Hay Fever".

Easiest oatmeal cookies ever: 100g each oatmeal, sugar, flour, butter, rub together, add 1 egg, spices/fruit at will. Make 2cm balls and flatten, bake 10-12min at 200C (or 180C w/convection).

Me: orders thing in webshop that comes in pack of 3
Also me: ooh they have 3 packs left, I'll buy them all

Webshop: You are not allowed to order more than 3 of these.

Me: okay, they don't know the difference between one pack of 3 and 3 packs, never mind

Shopping cart: you ordered 1, do you want to increase the number?

Me: increases number to 3 without any difficulty, pays, gets confirmation of 3 packs being sent

***what the ...***

why, o website, do you throw me into a squarespace login again and again?

I've hardly been able to write anything *else* since last year but I've been writing!

Writing fanfic is so liberating. You don't need conflict or drama or even plot, you can just write what you like and there's bound to be someone who says that's exactly what they needed to read.

... how is it only Thursday? I feel like the weekend has well and truly started.

Of course I had to get off my bike on the ONE patch of lingering snow still left under the underpass where the bike rack is. Kept myself + bike from falling but I did wrench my ankle, fortunately only a little, and needed minutes (when already in the house) to pull myself together completely.

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you call them "ships" if the dinghies kiss, otherwise they are "boats"

Dear LibreOffice, why can't I delete business templates? Even if I wrote business letters I wouldn't want US styles.

Argh I hate it when people call me gratuitously by my name when it's obvious that it's me (like when answering a question).

I hope that when I leave this church for any reason (advanced age, moving away, dunno) the next person making the reader notes has LibreOffice too.

Making a completely new set of reader-note templates because little irritations were building up: correcting the same mistake every single week, and the font for the actual reading just annoyingly too large for people with normal eyes and people with weakish eyes and a good lamp. Half a point smaller solved that, but then the rubrics were strangely large so I made everything else half a point smaller too.

It's raining! Also still freezing so the street is icing over as the rain falls. So glad I don't need to go out (at least not until the afternoon, and only if we want any beer, all the rest of what we might want is already in the house).

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