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The temple ruins seemed thoroughly plundered, but after days of searching, they found a hidden room. Inside, they found a book.
"Cool! Can you read it?"
"Maybe, let me... Oh no!"
"What? Is it cursed?"
"It's a library book."
"Centuries late."
"Oh no!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Very long shot: I have an earworm of a folk song which I don't know ANYTHING about except that it's probably sung by an alto or a very high tenor (because I remember it being in my own range) with a sort of matter-of-fact voice, like Jacqui McShee (only it probably wasn't her), it may be a ballad about (three?) brothers who were crooks, and it starts like this:

I'm starting to feel very embarrassed here. At my first Worldcon I met a friend right away and she told me she was so glad there was someone she knew; at the second, the same friend could do the same thing for me. Here I know nobody except 2 of the guests of honor, who I interact with on Twitter but it's different now they're guests of honor and I'm just one of the people attending.

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Hm. there's supposed to be a mixer but nobody's here except some people playing Werewolf which I don't want to play.

I think this is mostly a platform for people who prefer voice interaction.

There might be an opportunity for filk though.

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I can't make an avatar I think of as "me" (when I have the right hair, I have the wrong clothes, and vice versa). I don't dare move in the convention space because everyone sees me, not just the people who actually, you know, see me. I'm in quiet mode all the time because I don't want strangers to talk to me, which I usually don't have much of a problem with at meatspace conventions (or in text, for that matter).

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I'm at a virtual con that uses Gather Town as its interface, "a video calling platform that offers a virtual space where you can move an avatar around, automatically joining calls with people near you." It looks very 1990s, much like Habbo Hotel which my kids used to play. I think it's supposed to simulate a meatspace convention but I feel even *more* self-conscious than at the meatspace conventions where I've been. I much preferred ConNZealand's combination of zoom and discord.

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Grr, confounded duck is still partly frozen. Have to fall back on Plan B (toad-in-the-hole), meaning we're having very Mondayish food on Sunday and very Sundayish food on Monday.

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Wales is a bit flat and Cornwall a bit short but England and Scotland are definitely there.

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I went to the market to buy peas and there were peas. Also, ONE punnet of chanterelles which I promptly bought. We had them with bacon and cream, and the peas, and small fried potatoes. (Nice conversation with the young market guy, too, about even expensive veg being cheaper than cigarettes and MUCH better)

I had very nice conversations with 2 different toddler girls. With the first about her toy rabbit, with the second about hiding from her dad in a porch.

Bracing sight: girl, about 11, with a professional-looking camera, and man, about 40, probably her father, with a *very* professional-looking camera, talking tech as equals.

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I have a large (about a pound) piece of pork on the stove, braising in wine and I'll add marmalade in a bit. Did that quite often when I was cooking for 5, with different kinds of fruits and preserves, and was kind of missing it. Then the butcher suddenly had the exactly right cut of meat! Will have lots of leftovers, I expect 2 lunches and some snacks in the next couple of days.

Women can do any kind of work, people. Being cis isn't a prerequisite.

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Sigh, another article that sort of presupposes all (or at least most) trans women are sex workers. Instead of (just listing the ones among my friends and family) programmers, writers, artists, assistant supermarket managers, scientists, teachers, librarians.

Gah, went to bed earlyish because I was tired and then found I wasn't sleepy so got up again, now I'm too tired to go back to bed!

Perhaps I shouldn't mind so much because at 37% the promised "lots of sex" (which I wasn't looking forward to) hasn't manifested yet beyond some fantasizing and allusions.

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