Language in the wild: "aline with" (align / in line)

The cylinder is actually a WWI artillery shell, made into a souvenir, which Spouse inherited from some ancestor. I plugged the hole in the bottom with a champagne cork and that *actually worked*. Yay repurposing!

I can make a dozen at a time. I'll do this until I've used up so much wax that I can't get the wax level in the cylinder high enough to make a sensible size of candle, then possibly buy some cheap shot glasses and fill those with wax and a wick. When I've given away as many as I can I might sell the rest for church/choir fundraising.

They're very slightly pink because I'm making them from our church's 2018 Easter candle (it was raffled off in the parish meeting and I won it) which had a red cross and inscription on it. Strangely, the melted and re-solidified wax was a lot pinker than the resulting candles are.

People working together in Antarctica develop their own accent (podcast, but with full transcript)

food, disordered eating 

There's a new sock shop in town. Couldn't resist. (The mouse and cheese ones are a pair; the blue ones have the local characteristic church tower and an approximate town profile)

No "sent me a head" is not the same as "sent me ahead".

why, image search, do I get lots of pictures of women with blonde and/or chin-length or even shoulder-length hair when I search for "woman short dark hair"?

One thing I love about mastodon (at least this instance) (at least this interface of this instance) is that I can write something and at the last moment decide it's to be a direct message.

Editing something that contains opinions I vehemently disagree with, and not only that, most of the spacing around punctuation is wrong (space before a comma, no space after a comma, no space before opening parenthesis, things like that). Very hard to see the good stuff (which there definitely is) around the one and through the other.

Why do so many people think that a dark theme for websites is somehow more ... "virtuous" is the only thing I can think of? "Better" as in "I prefer it" I can understand (personally I don't), but why evangelize about it?

Now I've disabused someone of the notion that autism and ADHD are illnesses. I thought I couldn't do advocacy but that's apparently what I'm doing.

PSA: "past time" = "a long while ago"; "pastime" = "something you do for fun"

food (fish) 

food (fish) 

Nooooo as if the end-of-year lists aren't enough we're now getting the end-of-the-decade lists. (From the non-pedants. Next year we'll have another bout, from the pedants.)

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