Grr I wish people wouldn't send me material in a different format than I ask for, like docx when I ask for plain text. Not because they don't know the difference -- some people honestly don't -- but because "that is more convenient for you". Heck, if docx was more convenient (spoiler: it isn't, I have to export it to text to be able to process it) would I ask specifically for plain text? You provide the words, I do the formatting.

Here's someone who says they want to publish an article about [thing I'm involved in]. I almost took it seriously until I read the last sentence, "Looking forward to your valuable response." If it had been for real they wouldn't have said "valuable", would they?

It's from AO3 so perhaps the author added a lot of story in the middle and it's the previous version I read.

Reading a story that I don't remember at all except the beginning and the ending. Was I reading with my eyes closed, the first time around? It's not the kind of story to skip large parts of, and I'm not a skipping sort of reader.

And just as I was posting that a fourth answer arrived; different again but perhaps even more useful.

Now I know this was the right question because I've got three useful answers already (all different, and all equally useful)

Hm, is it better for a chaotic good community to ally itself with a much larger lawful evil one (at least you know what you've got and you can leave the moment they sting you) or stay with the current chaotic neutral (completely unreliable) one? (Asking for a friend. No, really.)

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Also, dear fanfic writers, I've said this before but GET THE NAMES RIGHT.

Dear reviewer: it's "pidgin" not "pigeon".

I love Kitten Block. It shows me "Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson" as a pair of very cute sleepy black kittens right now.

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I bought an oven thermometer that came in a sheet of bubblewrap so tiny that it's impossible for me to pop just one bubble at a time, my fingers are too big for that.

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You know what's fun? Not judging others for their food choices.

Hm, most work I really like turns out to be of the invisible behind-the-scenes kind. Editing, handling the choir book, webmastering. Let someone else take the front position and I'll gladly be their sidekick. (I do like *some* credit *sometimes* but don't want to be in the spotlight all the time)

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