I am still searching for someone from whom I can commission a new avatar for my profile.

Is there a place you can search for artists on the fediverse, or places I can go and find recommendations? It's been a bit quiet so far.

@artsyhonker @iona @Curator

I was thinking mastodon.art would be a good place - to be fair I do see quite a few creators on my timeline but they nearly all seem to be doing a combination of anime and furry art styles, which is clearly very popular here given the demographics of the Fediverse but at the same time might not appeal to everyone...

@iona also what sort of thing are you looking for? I'll keep an eye out for people offering commissions

@iona Depends on the style you want. If it is anime-like,
I know Nightingalle is taking commissions. There are a few examples of her style at mstdn.jp/@Nightingalle
Her main account is shpposter.club/users/Nightinga

@iona waves hand then slaps it in my wacom: this baby can fit so many different styles

@iona @cvo Carli does commissions. My avatar didn't start out as a commission, but she let me pay her to use it.

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