If you live in England or NI and there's a local election on your patch today, you have until 22:00 to go and vote.

I can't tell anyone who to vote for, but as I said yesterday, it's silly to vote in local elections based on a party's national Brexit policy. The local council doesn't have anything to do with it.

Take a look at the different candidates and what they're proposing for you and your local area when deciding. 🗳️


@iona I like the local elections because they're at a level where you can (if you want) really get to know the candidates.
Who comes to your residents' association AGM? Who do you see around the ward on their bike? Etc. (Though we have big multi-member wards in Scotland now, which makes this less true, especially in rural areas.

@priryo @iona I'm not going to vote on this one because there are only two candidates and both are rotten. There is a narrative which could be written about how people with certain predilections and patterns of behavior seek out positions of political power so that they can carry on abusing people with reduced risk of getting caught.

@bob @iona That seems fair enough. The system here seems to have eliminated the 'few candidates' problem, but probably not the wanting power for the wrong reasons one.

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