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Hi! I'm moving over the next couple of days to @ak. This is due to a name change on my part. :)

If you get a follower request, that's from me. πŸ’š

Hi! I'm moving over the next couple of days to @ak. This is due to a name change on my part. :)

If you get a follower request, that's from me. πŸ’š

I am still searching for someone from whom I can commission a new avatar for my profile.

Is there a place you can search for artists on the fediverse, or places I can go and find recommendations? It's been a bit quiet so far.

I'm looking to make a few changes as I prepare for a potential transition.

One of the things I want to change is my identity here on the fediverse. I have a new name in mind, and I'd like to get rid of the picture of the TV mast and have a picture of me that reflects my gender identity in a way that a photograph right now wouldn't.

To that end, I'd like to commission someone to do a profile picture for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? Boosts are fine.

I literally have nothing to do in work for the next... seven hours. What's the best thing you've read online recently? Link me to it, and I will be eternally grateful to you for speeding up the clock.

Please boost.

It's only 09:50 on Monday and I'm already running out of stuff to read in my nothing-to-do job.

What's the most interesting thing you've read this weekend, or in recent weeks? Let me know! Please boost.

Long shot, but does anyone have a subscription to The Times online? I want to read this article and it's asking me for money I don't have.

Big news for those of us who play Scrabble!

The word 'ze' is now allowed. It's defined as a gender-neutral pronoun. You can also now use 'ew' and, remarkably, 'OK'.

New three-letter words include 'vax', 'dox' and 'zen'.

If you live in England or NI and there's a local election on your patch today, you have until 22:00 to go and vote.

I can't tell anyone who to vote for, but as I said yesterday, it's silly to vote in local elections based on a party's national Brexit policy. The local council doesn't have anything to do with it.

Take a look at the different candidates and what they're proposing for you and your local area when deciding. πŸ—³οΈ

This event at this year's Bradford Literature Festival looks super interesting:

I love when the literature festival turns up. It can be a bit dull round here sometimes, so it's nice to have interesting events just down the road for a month.

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