My repeat of last year's two-week easter vacation is coming to an end. This year I wanted to try to get a prototype I had for a hexcrawl map-generator/campaign manager to an alpha1 state.

Unfortunatly, I'll probably not get that far, since I ended up rewriting large parts of the code. So a bit prettier, but also lost a few features I need to rewrite. Still, a much better base to continue work on, so it's not all bad.


I'm currently inspired by an 8-bit RPG/Octopath Traveler kinda look; not sure if I'll stick to that, but the clean sprite-based style has advantages with marking features on the map which will be very useful.

All credit to for the amazing tilesets used, go check out his Patreon:

Naturally, I've learned a lot working and researching for this project, and probably had some level-ups in my skills. My latest rabbit-hole is reading up on Wave Function Collapse algorithms, which probably would be an excellent fit for what I'm trying to do. Hopefully, it won't lead to yet another rewrite...

An good in-depth video explaining Wave Function Collapse algorithms by :

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