Haven't seen this since I was a kid. Brings back memories. 🙂🎥 - Attack of the Super Monsters themoviedb.org/movie/37809

Perhaps a bit ambitious tackling a four-armed character when I'm just getting back to sketching. Character study using pencils of my four-armed gear-head/stalker Zoey from our Mutant: Year Zero RPG campaign. deviantart.com/huyderman/art/Z

I just earned the 'Cheers To You! (Level 6)' badge on @untappd@twitter.com! untp.beer/s/b487726829

Beyond establishing a common base of reference (If someone don't know what a meme is, we might not have that much in common), what kind of meme someone likes tells you surprisingly much about a person.

Today I learned my sister put "Show me your best meme" on her Tinder profile and use it as a litimus test.


That feeling when you draw inspiration from Ibsen while preparing your campaign

In the continuous saga of me getting back into actually preparing food, I had eggs and bacon on toast today. Beyond being widely asymmetrical and being well-done when I was aiming for runny, it turned out pretty good. 🍳🥓 👍

Got a bit fed up with what was available digitally for mapping, so I went out and got myself new pens. Time to practice! instagram.com/p/BvKEUO0ARf2/?u

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This is not how you submit a bug report to a game developer.

Thankfully the developer is responsive, people who do Steam "reviews" like this really need to stop.

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My ex just came out as non-binary on Facebook. Good for them, I'm just relieved I won't have to worry about accidentally outing them anymore.

Ugh, managed to run out of meds and are waiting for my doctor to refill my ePrescription. It's been a struggle focusing today...

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Can't stop laughing at the guy worried that Bad Religion will go "full SJW" on their upcoming record. My dude, have you ever listened to a single Bad Religion lyric? And if you have a problem with bands raging against injustice, maybe punk rock is not right for you.

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Finally, after several years, I finally got around to restringing and tuning my guitar. Jeez, I'm rusty, and my fingers are not used to this... But it feels good at getting back to it. 🎸

In tonight's game, I had my players attempt to explain democracy to a group of tusser (goblins) barricaded in a house. Good game :)

The Dragon Prince season 2 is so full of feels. I'm sitting here on the brink of bawling 😭

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