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Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be officially supported by Steam or recommended to our users. We will evaluate ways to minimize breakage for existing users, but will also switch our focus to a different distribution, currently TBD.

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Wow, one of my best friends got married today. I knew he was engaged, but thought it was planned for next year and hadn't heard anything until it popped up on Facebook... I got really mixed feelings about this; I'm happy for him, but I feel a bit hurt he didn't tell me...

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I think many of us didn't realise we had ADHD because we experience ADHD as it is, with overwhelming processing, choice paralysis, and a lack of control over where we focus, rather than ADHD as it is described by people who don't have it and who assume based off assumptions. twitter.com/mogwai_poet/status

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@huyderman Also, the fact that I'm considering using this as an excuse to buy a new tablet/kindle is a reminder that, yes, I'm privileged...

Typical. I spend time yesterday making sure I preload my tablet with books and series before traveling today, and forget it on the charger... 😭

That feeling when you discover the code you've been refactoring and fixing the last couple of days have been deprecated...

Haven't seen this since I was a kid. Brings back memories. 🙂🎥 - Attack of the Super Monsters themoviedb.org/movie/37809

Perhaps a bit ambitious tackling a four-armed character when I'm just getting back to sketching. Character study using pencils of my four-armed gear-head/stalker Zoey from our Mutant: Year Zero RPG campaign. deviantart.com/huyderman/art/Z

I just earned the 'Cheers To You! (Level 6)' badge on @untappd@twitter.com! untp.beer/s/b487726829

Beyond establishing a common base of reference (If someone don't know what a meme is, we might not have that much in common), what kind of meme someone likes tells you surprisingly much about a person.

Today I learned my sister put "Show me your best meme" on her Tinder profile and use it as a litimus test.


That feeling when you draw inspiration from Ibsen while preparing your campaign

In the continuous saga of me getting back into actually preparing food, I had eggs and bacon on toast today. Beyond being widely asymmetrical and being well-done when I was aiming for runny, it turned out pretty good. 🍳🥓 👍

Got a bit fed up with what was available digitally for mapping, so I went out and got myself new pens. Time to practice! instagram.com/p/BvKEUO0ARf2/?u

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