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Fedi, what's your favorite examples of the Evil All Along trope?

It can be from games, movies, books, dnd campaigns, etc!

Tell us all!


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You're in The Labour Tunnels.
A ruined soapstone path pokes through the ground and a thin shaft of ivory coloured light pokes through a hole above.

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"Thank you for your purchase of the new Ikea Spikar! The future of smart chairs. Simply install the app on your phone, allow perpetual gps tracking and daily sales alerts, and finally press activate to lower the patented Comfort Spikes™️ and begin using YOUR chair."

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Werewolves? Where? Wolves? Men that are wolves? Many wolves. Everywhere. Many men. That is enough for M'aiq.

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Fae Realm 🤝 the Underworld

Never eat ANYTHING there if you ever want to leave 🤠

@aoife "yeah, you see how it's in 4000 pieces? You usually can't really rebuild it from there. It'll never fly the same"

Cowboy Bebop Netflix Adaptation 

Just finished the last episode. I have...a lot of thoughts about the adaptation. Want to try and write them out, but it's going to take some untangling to make them fully coherent.

Net positive, though, I think. Which is a pleasant surprise.

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no busses that are ??? because of traffic. no cars blocking cross walks, etc.

not to mention the indirect results/prerequisites of better infrastructure at the human scale. abundant paths that are suited for biking or motorized wheelchairs . more capacity at more hours of bussing. bus systems that are maintained to middle and upper class standards not bus systems that are "only for the poor".

far more empowering than "if you can afford a vehicle and have a disability that permits you to drive"

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I'm extremely tired of disabled people being used as a gotcha against :bancars:

the mobility disabled (md) person who can afford a vehicle suitable for them to drive. or has someone in their life with a vehicle and free availability to drive them that you're imagining is not representative

mds ride public transit more, are passengers in private vehicles less, and drive way less than able-bodied people

the direct result of banning cars in urban environments are more reliable transit for them

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This time Chekov enables the self-destruct to go off whenever the ship passes a Space Wendys but actually finds hundreds of inhabitants.

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Pokémon object oriented and Pokémon functional

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I'm Kickstarting a book on creating an individualized plan to become the best writer you can.

Already backed it? Tell your writer friends to join in, because the next stretch goal is a free ebook of my critically-acclaimed "Cash Flow For Creators."

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Yes, M'aiq wanders, but M'aiq is not lost. Well, maybe a little.

mh (~), society 

@zebratron2084 Probably not, but it'd be nice if it did <3


@xyzzy Ooof, that sucks.Sympathies <3

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