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Injury picture, pets 

Jabberwocky was very angry with the whole feeding process and finally got me with one of her chomps. It was impressive! Also: ow

Selfie, eye contact 

Can you tell I didn't want to get out of bed this morning?

Selfie, eye contact, iguana 

Operation "take the iguana for a short ride on my shoulder" did not go according to plan.

Selfie, eye contact, covid related 

Mask complete!

Selfie, eye contact 

My hair is doing its Cute Thing as it dries

Things I very much love: when snakes move into birdhouses, especially when they poke their lil' heads out!

Image is from

Day job, marketing 

I found a good Calvin and Hobbes to express how I feel about marketing, esp at my current job. Marketing is Calvin. I'm Calvin's dad.

animal eye contact 

Work from home buddy and angriest iguana friend Jabberwocky, my perfect girl <3

giant gastropod 

I was going to get back to work but then I wanted to see a cute animal and looked up the Giant African Land Snail, which is adorable and I'm sad I can't have one.

housing prices 

I keep trying to get Jabberwocky to pay rent, but she just gives me this look until I go away.

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Help, I can't take being dragged like this. (Shared from a slack I'm a part of, originally from tumblr.)

She's beauty, she's grace, she's Miss Iguana States... Jabberwocky showing off her leg and being a little scruffy this morning.

Day Job 

We have a productivity-based bonus system at work which a lot of us rely on since the base pay rate sucks. But! My brain still wants me to think this way, it seems.

*gets back*

*process is finally finished*



*the card ran out of space before the entire music library was copied, much less podcasts, audiobooks, etc*

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mental health (-), False Knees Comic (so good) 

Excuse me False Knees what did I do for you to drag me like this???


selfie, eye contact, lizard 

I got a good selfie with Jabberwocky the iguana this morning

selfie, eye contact, messy room 

I tried to take a picture of my cute af outfit and this was as close as I got. Hopefully it still looks cute??? And yes, those are Christmas llama leggings.

All should love me in the replies and then despair as needed. (I'm not quite as strict about it as Galadriel)

International politics, USA politics (indirectly), sharing with CW 

via , sharing with cw. Their original toot says: "Who made my politics into a meme?"

Selfie, eye contact, mild gender stuff 

Good morning! I like this selfie in part because it makes me look (a little!) like I have boobs, something I am not opposed to

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