Pet lizard photo 

Please behold Jabberwocky the iguana being fabulous. (There is also a tiny blep.)

mental health negative 

Though now it's mostly just the wind down.

Okay, time for me to get The Potato home. She hates the car and carrier, as you can see.

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Found Jabberwocky sitting in her food dish yesterday, for no reason I could discern. Also a great photo to show just how long her tail is


Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams <3

gross, plumbing, a picture 

This is the current state of things. For some reason the request I put in yesterday about the tub was marked as "resolved" without, afaict, anyone actually coming into the apartment or doing anything. Filed another maintenance request with the picture attached and requesting updates, so hopefully things will get fixed tomorrow. :\

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*looks up at their giant nanowrimo poster*


*Remembers the date today*


Oh, fuck, it's nanowrimo!

Selfie, eye contact, shirtless 

Feeling cute might delete later

Lizard eye contact 

Jabberwocky would like everyone to know she is being oppressed because I haven't fed her yet today, despite it being an hour until her current regular feeding time

polygon, bdg 

Basically if they're going to more or less get the same numbers anyway, I'd rather they had more of the older-style stuff.

In other news:

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Selfie, eye contact, shirtless but it's incidental 

Feeling cute

Pet, vet 

She has now been returned and is SO MAD. Time to get the grumpy potato home. They also gave her a piece of banana she just scarfed, like getting a lollipop from the doctor, it's so cute ;_; <3

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Iguana picture, I don't think there's eye contact but there might be 

Jabberwocky is being a Brave Explorer as I watch to make sure she doesn't try to eat the houseplants.

Selfie, eye contact, cute lizard 

Shoulders are just never good enough for Jabs

I looked over while sitting on the floor cleaning my room and Jabberwocky is Supervising me.

Please behold my beautiful iguana, who is getting moved to my new place today!

13 boxes of mostly books, 5 additional bags, 2 flights of stairs. Now in the new place. I think that's all the heaviest/densest boxes, but not everything's packed so I guess we'll see!

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Posting a photo of my moving box full of CDs in physical media solidarity with @xyzzy. (Though there are some games and stuff in there too.)

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